The and is a unique in the world.

The value of old buildingOld buildings have had value for many reasons because old buildings had established for long years. For example, the old building where is Taj Mahal created from love. The Taj Mahal was authorities to built in 1631. This place created for the memory of Mughal emperor’s wife. Taj Mahal is a beautiful place and is a unique in the world. It is built with marble stones and decorate with decorations from many areas. In case of value about old buildings, the Taj Mahal remains about unique of artists and materials. Difficulty to copy or renew again. Due to a unique of old buildings. Old buildings had complicated structure and design. Some people think that they can do the same thing but in reality, they can’t do.  Old buildings had a lot of deep detail. They can’t understand, what the reasons are that the artists did. In addition, the society has a lot of things change from the past. So, we can’t find the same material for built the building and can’t rewrite deep detail of the artist sense because we don’t realize about mean that an older artist created it. This point effect with people who appreciate the building get the different feel when they saw the same thing. The main factor that makes people feel different is a resource about materials because the resources about history have limited and some of a resource can’t find to replace the old things. That reason why old buildings have value than the new things. Preservation old buildings can attract travelers to travel in that area and raise about the place of travel. From the study, the history area establishes a value appreciate. (A Preservation Handbook for Historic Residential Properties & Districts in Salt Lake City, 2011)Difficulty to find some of materials or artist to do the same thing. Old buildings gained value when the time passed because some of the material can’t provide in the present. Although you can find the old material, it would be high cost. In the past, old buildings were damaged by the war. Although some building can repair, the pattern wasn’t same old buildings. Old buildings are durable structure more than new buildings because the structures of old buildings were built by workers. For example, the antebellum Kennedy-Baker-Walker- Sherrill House where settle down in West Knoxville, Tennessee. Although the City Council supported a zoning deal, This house was threatened by the investor. From history, this house had had five brick thick walls that it was prevented by huge of tornadoes. (Rocchi, 2015). In addition, old buildings took time to build. The older designer used an old design trick that it isn’t provided in the present to build old buildings.A story about old histories    Old buildings had old stories that it was concern about each building. People should realize about old histories because they should know “Where do their family come?”, “How do old stories concern with them?”, and “Why do older people built this place?” and so on. Most schools suggest professional to adding old histories include a fundamental subject that student should learn because they should know the important stories that happened in the past.     Teaching the children about the story in the past. Old buildings use for teaching the children to know about important history because the children who grew up later history. They didn’t know anything about history because they grew up with new technology. In the present, parents have more responsibility to do. So, they didn’t have time to teach their child about history. That is the main reason make them didn’t know about history but we have methods to help them know about history such as parents should pick them up to the old building in a weekend and support them to learn about history and so on. In addition, the school should persuade students to interesting about history. Charlene (2015) writes that the important preserve old buildings because it has many of historical, economic value, and unique cultural. The old buildings have many functions of history such as using life in that time, reminding own mind, and learning about life in past. For example, the great wall of China implies the history of slaves who create the wall. Although the great wall was strong, the Emperor also shows the concerns over safety during that historical period. Nowadays the great wall was a popular travel place for many people around the world. So, the great wall has value in economic because people spend money to go there. In addition, the great wall was a great proud of China people. This reason reflects that why people should preserve old buildings. Another example, Thailand has diversified old buildings around the country. Each old building has had a story about that place. The story of a building reflects about lifestyles, cultures, and artists in that area. Children in Thailand should study about own history because they should realize an ancestor who sacrifices themselves to protect own country from war. Helping teachers to teach in the history major. Many schools lead their student to old buildings for teaching about history. Student gets more experience than knowledge because they involve themselves in the environment around old buildings. They learn new things from the statue, the writing, and the drawing and so on. Students can see the real place. So, they can realize old buildings better than teachers teach. For example, Wat Pho where has a biggest of the reclining Buddha that it is including 95 pagodas is the biggest of a temple in Thailand. Wat Pho established in the 16th century. After the 18th century started, Wat Pho opened for people who interested a history can learn about a history of the temple. In addition, Wat Pho offered the courses such as literature, archaeology, astrology, and the medicine. Nowadays professionals who teach in Wat Pho teaches about Traditional Medicine and incorporates a school for Thai massage. (Famous Historic Buildings, n/d). From the example, we should realize about old buildings because old buildings remain the specific knowledge that we can’t learn from another place. A reminder of a culture.      You can remind your memories of history or something that happen in the past by seeing the old thing. It is the same idea that persuades you to remember history through old buildings. People create the building from the belief, the lifestyle, and the resource. So, the building reflects on everything that happens in the past. Reflection about the life of people at these time. Some people wonder history because they didn’t know reasons why older people built its. After they know, they learn life history in the past. Some older culture was lost when the time passed. So, old buildings can remind people to realize old cultures.  Private Writing of Professional Ghost Writing Services (2017) writes that Cities should preserve old buildings because it can reflect on history in the past that it can persuade people to realize about life in that time. Some building can reflect on sacrifices of hero on prior time. For example, St. John’s Church is the old building in the Church Hill neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia. That were Patrick Henry speeches to the House of Burgesses. His speeches were a famous ” Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech. These speeches create conflict between the leaders of British America to wage war against the oppressive British crown. All of the old buildings have a unique story that can tell children who grow up later know about history.Show a symbol that unique to each country. Each area has had the unique of history such as the temples,  cultures of life, and old buildings and so on. Old buildings show the unique in that area. Hughes (2017)  writes that the center of Rome has a greatest architectural that is Colosseum. It was achieved by the Ancient Romans. The stadium was a huge building that has seat around 50,000 seats. The main of Colosseum used for the gladiatorial games. The building created from concretes and stones that it uses the time to create from 72AD to 80AD. The Colosseum has a unique design and a unique artist that why the Colosseum was popular at all times.  In addition, the Colosseum includes many artistic styles. The following detail, Hopkins (2011) states that the Colosseum is an emblem of Rome. The building has a different pattern from other building in Rome. This building uses the classic model from the Greek temples, with rectangular rows of columns, topped by joist and assisted by a triangular basement.