The aimed at the improvement of my

four-years undergraduate program in faculty
of Humanities, English language and Literature at University of Duhok, Iraq formed the basis
of my perseverance towards achieving an in-depth knowledge in the field of
society, culture, politics and human rights. As a part of my degree course I
studied various subjects relating to diverse aspects of history which included European literature and society.

the college academics, I have been actively involved in various activities
aimed at the improvement of my community as volunteer and active member of NGO.
After studying in Spain as an exchange student in the Modern languages
department, I realized that the experience, knowledge and desire of one person
with an active participation in the social position can change the lives of
other people, communities and countries.

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the last decade, Iraq has faced a complex and growing humanitarian crisis. The
provisions of life-saving assistance to the most vulnerable groups has been a
key a challenge. After I return back to my country, I am sure that I will have
a comprehensive understanding and sufficient knowledge to promote and protect
human rights in my country. I believe that human rights and transitional
justice are related to all the aspects of society and life thus, I will have an
excellence general qualification that would help me to promote and work in
different sectors such as government institutions, academic institutions and
non-governmental organizations.

program is ideally suited with my career aspirations as I will be provided with
comprehensive knowledge of the regulations, subjects and best practices in the
field of human rights and transitional justice. I am eager to adopt and learn
different approaches and I am really enthusiastic to attend this opportunity as
I will have the chance to understand human rights concepts. I believe that this
study will make a significant change in my career that will allow me to assist
in accomplishing my goals. One of my plans is to assist in coordination and
writing grant proposals in order to help young women from northern Iraq to
receive quality education and ensure their voices are heard based on a human
rights culture. Moreover, I aim to take a part in developing policies that
would address and respect the protection for human rights and the rule of law.
This will be achieved by engaging the communities in decision related to their
security and needs.