“The agree that they are the worst, yet

World’s Worst Poet”

            The World’s
Worst Poet tells the story of W.K. Hill, a wise poet with an unusual sense of
wording. Hill is extremely smart in grammar and composition, but writes poetry
with a misalignment, and yet still very impressive. Many people who read his
poems can all agree that they are the worst, yet subconsciously is still different
and unique in its own subtle way. As one of his professors stated “W.K., if
this is not a joke, it may very well be the worst poem ever written.” and
others seemed to like this style of literature. 
Hill also had an unusual subsidence of coffee, old pastries and cancer
sticks, all of which caused a seemingly weak and fragile appearance. At the University
of Texas at Arlington, his English professor didn’t take too kind to his form
of bad literature and had enough of him, but Hill had other plans.

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Little Trolley That Might Could”

Little Trolley That Might Could tell the account of two street cars that were
sold and then converted into a house. This street car converted into a home is where
the couple Christiane and Ray who lived in the car for the next twelve years.
Not long after, the couple build a house behind the trolley, where they would
live to this day. This electronic street car was then constructed into a barn,
where a volunteer suggested to put those types of street cars back in the streets.
Sometime later the trolley was back on McKinney Avenue along with another, much
larger interurban car, which will be placed on the track in another year.
Another interurban car was soon being restored and placed on the tracks in
Cleburne, where it was originated from many years ago.


of the Texas Lottery

Lottery Commission is located in Austin, and began in 1992 .The Texas lottery
offers many games such as scratch-offs, Mega, Powerball, Lotto Texas, Texas Two
Step and Pick 3. The Texas state lottery should be abolished and would do well
because it is unfair to the poor and gives minimal odds of winning.

dictionary defines poverty as “the state of one who lacks a usual or socially
acceptable amount of money or material possessions”. A report posted by CNN
shows when Powerball jackpots gets higher and higher, most lottery tickets are
bought in poorer neighborhoods. Theses tickets are bought where more minorities
are present, African Americans


buy up to five times more tickets than whites do all
across the nation. The lottery targets lower income families with high
jackpots, thinking those in financial trouble think it’s the only way to
accumulate fast money

the many years of the Texas lottery only a handful of people hit it big in comparison
to how much was being spend on tickets. In 2017 alone only 12 people had won
$10,000 or more with more than billions being spent on the lottery each and
every year. With drawings held twice a week the odds of winning the Lotto Texas
are one in 25,827,165. Chances of being struck by lightning is 1 in 960,000.
Therefore you are more likely to be struck by lightning 26 times than winning
the lotto.


and every year it is assumed that billions are wasted in the lotto in hopes of
becoming rich and wealthy. There are not many happy ending rags to riches
stories when it come to the lotto. Many people who do win the lotto say that
hitting it big is the worst thing that has ever happen to their life. Most
people who come into an abundance amount of winning don’t know how to handle
that much money, and likely most end up mismanaging their funds and end d up worse
than before.  Not to mention people are
greedy and try to take advantage of those who win, and with money being the
root of all evil, may do some questionable things. To sum everything up, the
lottery is not all what is seems out to be, and could possibly ruin your life
like so many others.