The a clear budget, it will allow

The Social media audit can
tell you where your social accounts are currently, can help you set future
goals, and help you choose the right tools to meet those goals. The first step
is to set the goals you wish to accomplish. You should have a good idea of the
audience you are trying to reach, including general demographics. The goals
that you set should be directed to the target audience.

When setting your goals, it is best to be
sure to follow the SMART framework. That means that your goals need to be Specific,
Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

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Specific: Who is responsible, What is to be
accomplished, Why this goal is important, Where will work take place (Facebook,
Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.).

Measurable: There are numerous insights that
can be used to measure your achievements.

Attainable: Be sure you set goals within your

Relevant: Do your goals help you achieve your
business objectives.

Time-bound: When do you wish to accomplish each

By setting goals and
objectives and by conducting an audit of your current social media accounts,
you should be able to consider the priority of the accounts and if certain
accounts need to be added or deleted. Each channel you decide to use should
have a specific purpose to your business. As an example, Snapchat is often used
for a less formal and playful way for quick highlights and Facebook may be used
to engage with your followers. You should be careful to stretch yourself to
thin when deciding which social media channels to use for your business. It is
better to use a few, that will reach your target audience best, and ensure the
quality of your message than to try and use many and possibly rush your

An important thing to
consider when creating your plan is to know what type of budget you have for
social media campaign. Costs to consider can be the time to create content,
paid advertising, time to engage with customers, promotions or contests you may
run, and any additional software or marketing tools that charge a fee. When you
have a set measurable goals and a clear budget, it will allow you to calculate
your return on investment (ROI). This is extremely important when assessing
your campaigns and determining if the money or time spent on each channel is
worth the “costs”.

Finally, you need to be
sure to asses your goals by auditing your social media plan on a regular basis.
Technology changes at an incredibility fast pace and it is important to keep up
with those changes. A social media platform that was popular when you first
started your plan may no longer be as strong down the road. And even if the
social media channels stay the same, that does not mean your target audience
will. It is important to make sure that the channels you are spending your time
and money on is where your audience is. By reassessing your plans, you will
make sure that time and money is not being wasted.