Terry have instantly become a target and killed

Terry George’s movie
Hotel Rwanda is a movie based on actual events within the war front of Rwanda.
A well-known battle in the late twentieth century, Rwanda had a particular
ethnic battle between two groups: Hutu and Tutsi1. The premise of the story
was one of immense generosity and compassion from the movie’s protagonist, Paul
Rusesabagina. To him, they are all Rwandans and deserve the same love and
respect as their same group. However, Rusesabagina takes note of the tumultuous
situation occurring in his country. As his president was assassinated, the
government began to be taken over by separate warring factions2. Alarmed by the increasing
violence and inability to keep the residents of his village calm,
Rusesabagina’s sanctuary and hotel becomes symbolic and vital for the
preservation of his people to not become victims of the genocide occurring

            Hotel Rwanda’s representation was very factual and
highlighted the most essential parts of the genocide of Rwanda. Thanks to different
factions and violent rebels, the country began to slaughter one another over
these minor differences3. Paul was able to
miraculously keep his own composure and retain anonymity over his rescue
efforts. If it had been discovered, he would have instantly become a target and
killed like the President. However, the reason for Paul’s success was thanks to
his alliances with the Hutus. While he does not support their efforts, he did
know to stay on their good side so he can continue rescuing and aiding the
Tutsis4. After riding along with
the leadership of the Hutus, Paul realizes that the Hutus were serious about
their raiding and killing of the Tutsis. When they traveled down a road, Paul
saw many dead on the side of the road while the leadership bragged about their
success in killing and inquired on how to find more to attack5. Because of Paul’s own
marriage, he knew that he was going to have to continue being in his position
and help even more Tutsis.

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            Paul might be a Hutu, but his wife
is a Tutsi6. Knowing his love for his
wife overrode ignorant ideas, Paul made sure to secure his wife’s survival and
others. In total, over thousand individuals were saved by Paul’s efforts7. While this is considered
remarkable in the sense of population survival, it was considered a huge
success in this genocide. Over one million Tutsis were killed by the hands of
Hutus8. The reason for the deaths
was due to perceived inequality and discrimination. However, no one deserves
the fate of death for being a particular race or ethnic group. Paul realized
this, and tried to help in the way he can. Using his business, Paul was able to
become a vehicle for change and showed bravery in a situation where he could
have been a part of the problem.