Terrorism with the International Relations Society (IRS), hosted

Terrorism is an act of the terror/violence to frighten the citizens
of a nation in order to achieve an ideological aim. It is referred as a violent
crime and in present age, it is considered to be the major threat on the
societies worldwide. Lots of organization such as IRS are working on trying to stop
it as well controlling its impacts. It is increasingly having negative impacts
on local, national, international and global communities.                                                                                                                         

                 It is a major
problem faced globally with violent impacts and consequences. According to Dawn,
Pakistan is one of the country who faces high rates of terrorist attacks.
The Global Terrorism Database (GTD) has proved it that
Pakistan is the fifth top terror rated country with rating of 9.07.

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On April 17th, the Pakistan Student Association (PSA), in patnership with
the International Relations Society (IRS), hosted a talk highlighting
“Pakistan’s Contributions in the War against Terror “which spoke about

“Over half a million Pakistanis have been forced to
relocate and billions of dollars of infrastructural damage has been caused as a
result of terrorist activity. Asghar a speaker claimed that the human cost to
Pakistan as a result of terrorism is one of the highest in the world.”

Even dawn news article speaks of

“A CURSORY analysis of the START
Global Terrorism Database reveals that over the past decade, Pakistan has had
the highest number of terrorism-related deaths in the world.”

Seen from local perspective, the
terrorist attacks has its own effects that including the injuries, deaths and
trauma on the victims. These terrorist attacks not only upset the people but
also put a bad name for the country. Some of the famous newspapers such as dawn
news also explain the attacks happen in Pakistan and their effect on its citizen
and itself. The survivors usually face stress, anxiety and severe depression.
Living a life with conversations, concerns and risks of such violent death
creates fear between people and force them live their whole life under
restriction. Some of the major incident such as Peshawar army school massacre
not only deeply made Pakistan citizens insecure about their security  but also it caused about more than 150
causalities including 134 death of children according to one of the well
regarded information site known as  https://en.wikipedia.org/.


          According to Pak Institute for Peace Studies (PIPS)
security report in 2006, 657 terrorist attacks not only killed 907 people but
also injured 1,543. The terrorist attacks continued to happen as a result in 2007,
1,503 terrorist attacks caused about 3,448 casualties and 5,353 injuries that
is clearly said in PIPS security report. The report states that,

“Pakistan faced 60 suicide attacks during 2007, which killed
at least 770, besides injuring another 1,574 people showing visible increase in
suicide attacks after Lal Masjid operation”.

In 2008 Human
Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) in its annual report told
that there were approximately 67 suicide attacks in Pakistan killing 973 people
and injuring 2,318. Further, a source in the investigation agencies disclosed
that the total number of suicide blasts in Pakistan since 2002 rose to 140
(till 21 December 2008)

In 2009 is marked to be the worst of any year as 2,586 terrorist,
insurgent and sectarian-related incidents were reported that killed 3,021
people and injured 7,334, according to the “Pakistan Security Report 2009″ published by PIPS.

According to an independent research site
pakistanbodycount.org maintained by Dr. Zeeshan-ul-hassan
Usmani a Fulbright scholar deaths from suicide bombings up to October
2011 were 5,067 with over 13,000 injured. The website also provides analysis on
the data showing an evident in according to Pak Institute for Peace Studies
(PIPS) security report crease in suicide bombing after the Lal Masjid
operation. All death counts are verifiable from news sources placed online.



is still a lot of destruction caused by these terrorist bombing attacks as in
Quetta bombing attack about 13 policemen and one soldier was killed and wounded
about 25 people including civilians.

                                              Not only
terrorism caused a huge destruction locally but it widely effect globally.
Effects are not limited to only an area but are destructive worldwide.
According to a famous terrorism disputes talking site ‘terrorismanalysts.com’
the writer state that

”The effect of Terrorism are not limited to its actual
victims. The   consequences of terrorist
attacks often go far beyond the destruction and deaths they
cause………………….terrorist attacks are designed to instill fear and intimidate a
population in order to achieve  their
political objectives”

These terrorist attacks not only caused global disturbance, spoiled
environment, country markets collapse but also had a major part in destruction
of culture and countries relations.  The number of terrorist attacks was high
during the early 2000’s due to the terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda on the United
States and the wars in the Middle East during this time period.

In the past year, the country with the most terrorist attacks was Iraq, followed by
Pakistan and Afghanistan visible on Global terrorism database. Altogether, the
number of terrorist attacks in these countries amounted to 7,400 attacks.
Despite having been the country with the most terrorist attacks in 2013, there
were more fatalities due to terrorist attacks in Afghanistan in 2011 than
in Iraq.



                                       From a
global point of view, the region
in the world with the highest number of terrorist attacks in recent years was the Near East and South
Asia. The number of terrorist attacks in this region in 2011 amounted to almost

                                                                                 Not only does terrorism have a massive social
impact on the world, but it also has an enormous global economic impact.
The costs
of terrorist attacks by insured property losses have cost the insurance industry billions
over the past time. The bombing of the London financial district in 1993 cost
the insurance industry approximately 1 billion U.S. dollars.

Financial markets have proved that they
are rely resilient to acts of terrorism, the latest instances being the muted
reaction after the Paris and Brussels attacks. However, the long-term social
damage may be more difficult to assess. Given that the attacks in Europe have
occurred at a time when the continent is already struggling with its worst
refugee crisis since World War II, they may serve to fan the flames of
anti-foreigner sentiment and spur the rise of nationalist political parties,
which may have dire consequences for regional and global geopolitics.

               Terrorism is a risk on the business world. For example that attacks in New York
was estimated to have great impact as it cost $1.7 billion on the sale and
$1.75 in lost rent in 2003 by the New York comptroller. On the BBC new channel Mr. Younger also warned that “hybrid warfare”,
which included cyber-attacks and it was becoming an “increasingly dangerous