Subtle FunGames for ThinkersDesign Document for:Pro Football AgentCan you rise to be the best agent in the world?All work Copyright ©2018 by Subtle FunWritten by Mike SmartVersion #1.00Saturday, January 13, 2018Thanks to Chris Taylor for the use of his Design Document TemplateCopyright (C) 2018 Subtle Fun – All rights reservedTable of ContentsPRO FOOTBALL AGENT 1TABLE OF CONTENTS 2GAME OVERVIEW 3PHILOSOPHY 3FEATURE SET 4GENERAL FEATURES 4THE GAME WORLD 5OVERVIEW 5SETTINGS 6IMPLEMENTATION 8SYSTEMS 8VISUAL EXAMPLES 9GAMEPLAY MECHANICS & SYSTEMS 10OVERVIEW 102Confidential 1/14/2018Copyright (C) 2018 Subtle Fun – All rights reservedGame OverviewPhilosophyIn this single-player game, the player takes on the role of a young college graduate whodreams to be the best professional football agent (American football, not soccer) in theworld. If they work hard and smart, they become the most successful pro football agent.The game falls into the niche category of sports simulations, with such games as FootballManager (soccer) and Out of the Park Baseball. Unlike traditional sports games, thesegames take a long term view of a sport, and there is little to no emphasis on action.Basically, you are trying to build up a team of players over a number of seasons to win asmany championships as you can.While there are sports simulations for all major sports, and Football Manager for socceris one of the best selling PC games worldwide, there is no sports simulation that lets agamer take on the role of a professional athletes agent. In this game, you play the role ofan American Football agent. You start out the game as a poor college graduate, with nocontacts and little experience. Through hard work and good decisions, you live out thecareer of the agent over many seasons. You get to know players, attempt to become theiragent, and work to get them the best contracts that you can. Over the years, if you doyour job well, you gain in wealth and resources. The ultimate goal is to be the agent whorepresents the MVP in the Super Bowl.This game is aimed at the PC market. With a number of different screens and lots ofinformation to filter, screen real estate is important. All deep sports simulations run onPCs now, and this will copy that successful approach.These sorts of games provide a number of different angles for fun. A big part of any fungame is giving the player the opportunity to make fun, meaningful decisions. This gameis all about decisions. How will you spend your time? Will you spend evenings watchingfilm of players, studying up on contract law, or attending social events to get to knowplayers better? Should you spend a weekend flying to visit one college in the hopes ofgetting that quick linebacker, who seems to be interested in listening to you, to commit toyou as an agent. Or should you visit the local game to start building relationships withsome other players?The game is also fun because you get to grow your career. You start out with no players,a beat up car, and a small dirty office. As you sign more players you get commissions,which allows you to upgrade your life: better cars, better office, and better livingquarters. You can watch the players you represent achieve more on the field, and youshare in their achievements.3Confidential 1/14/2018Copyright (C) 2018 Subtle Fun – All rights reservedFeature SetGeneral Features• Explore a large database of football players with an extensive set of attributesEvery year hundreds of college football players aspire to the NFL. Scout, learn, andwatch these players to find the next potential superstar. Invest time to get to know theseplayers and perhaps they’ll hire you to be their agent.• Build your career. Hire staff. Upgrade your houses, offices, cars.As you work up the ladder, you’ll be able to spend money to hire assistants, improve yourliving quarters, and buy more stuff. Plays your cards right and work hard and you’ll havea chance to become the most famous agent in the game.• Share in your clients’ on-field successes.As your players’ become famous, your fame goes up too. Get invited to the best socialevents, the biggest parties, the most famous broadcast shows.• Work hard to build your career, but be smart about it.Every week you’re faced with decisions on what to do with your time. Visit a college,scout football players, improve your skills, call your players. If you ignore players,they’ll sign with other agents, but which players are the most likely to sign with you.Learn their likes and dislikes, get to know them, and then they’re more likely to hire youas their agent.• Level up your player’s skills in RPG fashion.The player has a number of attributes, like social skills, networking skills, footballknowledge, negotiation skills. Spend time working on one of these areas and your skillswill go up, making it more likely that you’ll succeed in tasks that require those skills.4Confidential 1/14/2018Copyright (C) 2018 Subtle Fun – All rights reservedGameworldThe game is navigated through a series of 2D screens. Many of these screens can bethought of as settings within the game. Below is an example of several of the screenbackdrops to represent the places the player visits.Setting: Work OfficeConcept image for Initial Work Office (Creative Commons: Kerry Loggins )The main character’s work office starts out cramped, cheap, and dirty. This will likely bea backdrop that will change as the player’s status in the world increases.5Confidential 1/14/2018Copyright (C) 2018 Subtle Fun – All rights reservedSetting: Pro Football CombineConcept image for Combine (Creative Commons: Student Sports )The combine is a short scouting event where most college players who are trying out forprofessional football attend and perform a number of athletics tests. The main characterwill have an opportunity to attend the combine to talk with college players, learn moreinformation about them, and perhaps even sign them to a contract. This is an importantannual event that can make or break an agent.6Confidential 1/14/2018Copyright (C) 2018 Subtle Fun – All rights reservedSetting: Football GamesConcept image for Combine (Creative Commons: withvengeance86 )The player will spend a lot of time attending football games, where they can scout andrecruit players.7Confidential 1/14/2018Copyright (C) 2018 Subtle Fun – All rights reservedImplementationThis game will be developed using the Unity engine’s 2D development platform toprovide easy screen navigation and support. Heavy support will be provided with C#scripting in the background toenable many of the behind the scenes database functions required to make the gamework.Due to the limited graphics required in the game, much of the challenge toimplementation will be on coding the systems to enable the game to run. These systemsinclude:Football player generationThe game must generate a believable database of players. Each player will have at least adozen attributes, things like ability, character, strength, potential for growth, likes,dislikes, age, name, agent affinity. The game must generate this player database thentrack the players as they age from season to season. Players get hurt, retire, improve, etc.Tracking this system of player development will be on the largest challenges inimplementation.Player (gamer) skillsThe main player in the game will have a number of skills and the engine must track theseskills as they improve over time.Player and world Interaction SystemsAs the player interacts with the game world, the world changes. The game must trackchanges in the gameworld as the player makes decisions and impacts the world.Relationships change, income changes, etc.Audio & Video DemandsThis is a niche market game. Sports simulators by and large do not care for splashy videoor audio in their game. As such, there is no plan to implement video or motion in thegame. Each screen will likely have some background audio tracks. For example, theoffice screen will have some “office” sounds running in the background, and the “attendfootball game” screen will have some football game sounds running in the background.8Confidential 1/14/2018Copyright (C) 2018 Subtle Fun – All rights reservedVisual ExamplesHere is an example of the player’s office screen, from which the player determines howto spend their time. They can see their main skills and financial information at a glance.They can choose from a number of actions to spend their time on during the week, whichshows an associated cost with each item. They can also use their computer to look upinformation on the game world.9Confidential 1/14/2018Copyright (C) 2018 Subtle Fun – All rights reservedGameplay Mechanics & SystemsGame flow and time flowThe game is essentially played in turns, each lasting one week. The player starts theirweek at their office, and decides which action to focus on during that week. Each majoraction has a dollar cost associated with it. If the player runs out of money the game isover.Game actionsCertain actions open up other screens that offer the player further actions. For example, ifthe player decides to watch game film to learn more about players, they will be given achoice of up to five games to watch. Subsequently, the player will understand more aboutthe football players who play for those teams.If the player decides to study, for example, they will be give an option list of skills to tryto improve, which shows a progress bar to the next level up.Another option from the main screen is to use the computer to conduct research. Theplayer can see how his current clients are doing, check the latest pro football standings,check player stats, or look up other data on the different football players in the gameworld. It’s important to note that in the beginning of the game, looking up football playerdata will not provide the player as much information as it might later in the game, afterthe player has updated computer equipment and has learned the players much better.The player will have the option to sign football players as clients, then negotiate contractsfor clients.Dynamic gameworld systemAs the player performs various actions, things in the gameworld change. Everything isconstantly changing, both over time and as the player influences the gameworld with hisor her choices.Some obvious changes in the gameworld come naturally, as football players age and playgames. They will accumulate statistics, and their skills will change. Likewise, the mainplayer (gamer) will see his or her skills change over time.10Confidential 1/14/2018