Study are lactose intolerant and have allergies to

Study day 37.1


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Describe healthy
eating principals for the children and healthy eating needs of children aged
from 0-3 and 3-5 years including details of snacks meals and drinks

The healthy eating principals of healthy eating are promote
a balanced diet. There are 5 different food groups that are important to a
child s development

Carbohydrates and starchy foods- these are
important for a child because they provide energy. Starch foods provide the
body with vitamin b Protein- is important for growth and to repair
the body if hurt ad some proteins are a source of iron.Milk and dairy products are good for child’s
diet as it is calcium which helps to keep the child’s bones and teeth healthyFruit and vegetables contain vitamins and
mineral so are good for the child’s healthFat and sugar should be eaten in moderation

0-3 years

 Children of this age
should be getting a lot of nutrients as they grow a lot the first few months
and it is crucial for brain development. Babies that are breastfed are getting
a lot of nutrients that would not be getting from formula milk. Studies say
that breast milk protects the child from infections in the short and diabetes
in the long term. Between this age children need a good mount of protein
carbohydrates and their 5 a day fruit and veg. Milk and water is the main drink
these children should be drinking its healthier for the child and has more
nutrients and fibre. Juice has to much sugar and can cause tooth decay and diahorrea.

3-5 years

Children at this age


Explain how to establish
different dietary requirements

In a nursery setting it is very important that all staff
members are aware of eat child’s dietary requirements. Lots of children are lactose
intolerant and have allergies to different kinds of foods.  Some children at a young age may not be aware
of any dietary needs that they need to follow but the members of staff always need
to be aware. It is so important as a child’s life could be in danger if a child
is given food they are allergic to. Parents should always make sure that the
school knows all their Childs dietary requirements.

Potential risk of following
a special diet

The potential risks of not following a special diet are that
your body will be lacking all the nutrients. It will make day to day life a lot
harder and more difficult to perform normal activities. If a child is eating
all fatty foods then have more chance of gaining weight will lead them to have
weight gain ad the body will find it hard to concentrate and function.

Why children’s
food preferences should be supported

A child should be supported in their food choices they
should not be pressured into eating something that they are adamant they don’t like.
If they are pressured to eat something they don’t like it may discourage them
to try new things. If a child doesn’t like something that see they trying to
introduce the food to their plate over time may help them to try it. By letting
a child pick the foods he/she like then it gives them the sense of being independent
and have self awareness