Thus the society can be prevented from the crimes. Peace will prevail in the society and prosperity can be achieved by picking up the criminals, and keeping them within four walls.

This theory supports to impose rigorous imprisonment, capital punishment, banishment, whipping, amputation, stoning, etc. It says that the State should take the precautionary steps to prevent the crimes and to protect the society from criminal behaviour, besides the punishing the criminals after they do offences.

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Fish, Criminologist observes:

“The primary object of the criminal justice system is to establish peace and crime-less society without using the Sections of the Penal Code repeatedly. For example:

A factory owner puts a notice board in front of his house, viz., “Trespassers and incomers without permission shall be prosecuted” or a house owner puts a notice board “Beware of Dogs”, etc. It means that no person is entitled to enter into his house without his permission. The notice board works as a warning.

It warns and brings the intention of the owner to the new comer. First he should obtain permission from the house owner, and then enter into the factory or house. The violators of the warning/notice board shall be prosecuted. In the similar way, the penal code works as a notice board.

The people must notice its contents, and behave accordingly. If any of them violate the law, they shall be prosecuted severely and kept in prison. Thus all the penal laws of all the countries should work as a measure of protection or preventive measure.”