Relation qualities are developed by religion and

Relation of Religion to Human Life and Education:

The development of man is due to his imbibing human qualities. These human qualities are developed by religion and education. In ancient times education was dominated by religion. Vedic and Brahman and Buddhist periods illustrate this.

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Meaning of Religion and its Misuse:

The meaning of religion to develop spirituality by inspiring virtuous conduct. Vedic religion, Islam and Christianity believe in this. Religion is wider and sectarianism is narrow. It is wrong to consider religion and sect as the same. People have committed atrocities in the name of religion. There has been human massacre. This is irreligious.

Relation of Education to Religion:

Religion and Education have remained correlated from the Vedic period to the Buddhist period. In the modern times the relation of education and religion has broken down due to growth of science and technology. In fact, true meaning is not understood.

Religious Education and its Analysis:

The impracticability in religious education, its sermonising bias and lack of virtuous behaviour accordingly, non-exposition of true religion, absence of human religion and its non-availability in schools, are some of the defects. Religious education is necessary for all-round development, materialistic and spiritualistic thinking and its co-ordination, for moral development and virtuous conduct.

Hindrances in Religious Education:

Fanaticism and considering religion as an end in itself are great hindrances.

Educational Duties of Religion:

Physical development, enjoyment of worldly pleasures, development of artistic and aesthetic senses. Development of character and morality are to be achieved by religious institutions.