These and guardians should be made responsible for

These days there is a colossal lack of such administrative authorities, who are able to establish a good workable relation between the public and government workers.

At some places UNESCO is trying to train persons for producing reliable government workers. The educational administration is being decentralized for making it more relevant, practical, meaningful and flexible. Now a need for dynamic administration is felt in place of the old traditional one.

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For improving the tone of educational administration it is felt all over the world that students, teachers and guardians should be made responsible for improving educational administration.

In many European countries by enlisting the co-operation of children, teachers, guardians and public representatives, an attempt is also seen to make the educational administration related to life of the people.

This approach has proved to be helpful particularly at the secondary and higher education stages. Yugoslavia is a good example of this feature, because there in the school administration and discipline, the principal, students and teachers are considered equally responsible for creating a good tone.

Without introducing the necessary reforms in the inspection system the administration and discipline cannot be improved. Therefore the term ‘supervision’ is now being used in place of inspection, become the word ‘inspection’ connotes a sense of bitter criticism and a feeling of ago.

The term ‘supervision’ envelopes within itself a feeling of co­operation and advice between teachers, students and guardians. With this point of view some persons are now given training for becoming good supervisors.