South climatic degradation needs to be applauded as

South Korea believes that climatic change is the issue that has been one of the most significant hindrances in the development of a healthy and sustainably developing world. South Korea strongly stands beside the notion of global development and prosperity. Poor climatic conditions are a global problem and the modern industrialization has become a need of the time, the international community is paying a price for the environment. This self-induced climatic change has catastrophic effects on the global health indicators. South Korean initiative on the climatic degradation needs to be applauded as President Moon has worked for increasing renewable energy sources to 20% by 2030. The striving efforts for climate protection have not been a recent effort only, President Moon Jae-in has banned any further extension and expansion of nuclear power generation, and coal fired power stations. South Korean Green Energy initiative provides a 30% reduction against the 2020 BAU emissions. The republic of South Korea has taken an initiative with the goal of reducing harmful emissions, producing green energy. It leans on three pillars (“the 3 Es”) to dictate the direction of the national energy policy until 2030: energy security, energy efficiency, and environment?friendly. It also sets a target of 11% renewable energy out of the production portfolio by 2030, and allows all households to access affordable energy.  “Korea has taken great steps to enhance energy security and to foster the development of new and renewable energy alongside the expansion of its energy-related R&D Programme, which is one of the largest in the IEA,” said the IEA’s Executive Director, Maria van der Hoeven. The International Community should regard the positive steps taken by the South Korean Govt.The republic of Korea has been very far sighted when it comes to effective actions in the initiative. Korea looks forward to a global coalition that looks forward to reducing the pollution across borders. UN Adhoc committees under UNEP to be made for looking into the poor governance and corruption of funds allocated for climatic protection. The Korean delegation proposes that the international community should collectively allocate funds to the financially crumbling countries such as the African Countries so that their Climate changes can be addressed. South Korea is also a part of the Major multilateral treaties and meetings with the aim of the conservation of environment.