SoundCloud In July 2013, SoundCloud had 40

SoundCloud was and
was launched in late 2008. At first it was originally intended to allow
musicians to collaborate by facilitating the sharing and discussion of
recordings, but later transformed into a publishing tool for music
distribution. On 15 June 2011, SoundCloud reported five million registered
users. On January 23, 2012, it reported 10 million registered users.  In May 2012, it was announced that SoundCloud
had 15 million users, and site usage was increasing by 1.5 million users per
month. In July 2013, SoundCloud had 40 million registered users and listens
were growing at a rate of 20 million per month. These results show that
now-a-days people love music and they carry their smart devices along with them
everywhere and want to enjoy the environment according to their taste. It’s
becoming more trending that people love to listen music of their choice while
traveling, waiting for someone, within gatherings, small parties etc. This
keeps them in good mood and helps them to enjoy the environment. As every
person have its own taste in music. So, everyone have at-least one music app
within their smart devices, this can be any app to search, play, listen music
but people face difficulties while searching music. SoundCloud targeted this
audience and provide them with a perfect app. People love to use this app, can
share their favorite songs, tracks and able to create their own playlists.

And now with over
170 million tracks available on SoundCloud, there’s always something new for
everyone to stream, share, or get stuck with it. For listeners who want to
discover music first, the new SoundCloud home serves up by providing
recommendations, personalized playlists, and cultural-focused content—direct
from creators and often years ahead of what’s on the mainstream charts.

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With a fresh look,
and a new way of delivering what’s music lovers stream and share music, the New
SoundCloud includes,

 New Featured Playlists, Hip Hop Supreme (
playlist consisting of the trending rap tracks), In the Mix, (playlist that
explores different sounds of DJ mixes), updating weekly for keeping users tuned
with latest artists and tracks, personalized playlists which are based on users
listening behavior, now appearing on home screen also available, regularly
updated playlists of latest music on the basis of what you like, able to finds
musical soul-mates within SoundCloud community and helps to find tracks user
love, music that reflects according to the current cultural happenings, staying
tuned with the tracks, generating buzz with charts, knowing which tracks are
played most in user’s country with Top 50 charts (based on users current
location across the world), dedicated to serving users that what’s coming up
next in music and supporting new emerging artists, Spotlighting what’s new
happening on the platform within the playlists like The SoundCloud Playback,
The SoundCloud Next Wave, and much more, Now you can also able to easily Share
your SoundCloud stats with the world by using SoundCloud Pulse app.

Now SoundCloud is
making its workings faster and easier for the SoundCloud creators to enjoy and
celebrate their successes with new shareable feature of stats cards. For
sharing this, all what creators need to do is, download the stats card from
SoundCloud Pulse application, and then can able to quickly share snapshots of
their plays, likes, comments and reposts to any other social media platform
linked with SoundCloud Pulse app.

This is done only
because As Emerging and established creators on SoundCloud platform are gaining
success everyday so it’s really important to appreciate the achievements, accomplishments
and successes. So in this way, This new Stats cards update offers is another
way for the creators to celebrate their success, build connections with each
others, and for bright career on the SoundCloud.

As it’s the new
feature so you must know how can you able to share stats from a SoundCloud
Pulse app?

First go to the
Stats page within the SoundCloud Pulse application. Secondly, hit the “Share
icon” in the upper right corner, which creates an image of your tracks stats,
in which your plays, likes, comments and reposts are included. Then all what
you need to do is click the “Share button” for sending the image or sharing the
image of stats via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or any other platform where
the SoundCloud Pulse app allowed you to connect with your fans. On the other
hand for comparing your past, current or future stats you can able to download
this image and can use later. You can also use the #SoundCloudStats hashtags
for letting know your followers or fans about your SoundCloud journey.
SoundCloud always remain keeping in touch with its users and keep motivating
them to accomplish, achieve and succeed by growing their career on SoundCloud!