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somali waabsxasjkxsjkxbJIKAX the common puffball, is a widespread species of fungus in the family Agaricaceae. It forms an off-white medium-sized puffballtapering to a wide stalk, 1.5 to 6 cm (0.6 to 2.4 in) wide by 3 to 10 cm (1.2 to 3.9 in) tall. Its top is covered in short spiny bumps that are easily rubbed off to leave a net-like pattern on the surface. When mature it becomes brown, and a hole in the top opens to release spores in a burst when the body is compressed by touch or falling raindrops. It is edible when the young internal flesh is completely white, but can be mistaken for an immature fruit body of several poisonousAmanita species. L. perlatum can usually be distinguished from similar puffballs by differences in surface texture. Its chemical compounds include the unusual amino acid lycoperdic acid and volatile sterol derivatives that give the puffball its flavor and odor. Laboratory tests indicate that extracts of the puffball have antimicrobial and antifungal activities. (Full article…)Recently featured: August MeysznerCandaules, King of Lydia, Shews his Wife by Stealth to Gyges, One of his Ministers, as She Goes to BedS-50 ProjectArchiveBy emailMore featured articlesDid you know…Nylanderia pygmaeamale in amber… that male Nylanderia pygmaea ants (pictured) were trapped in amber while climbing plants for their mating flight?… that missile scientist Song Jian was the architect of China’s one-child policy?… that Richard Strauss’s art song “Freundliche Vision” describes a waking dream?… that American construction company RMK-BRJ trained 200,000 Vietnamese workers in construction and administrative trades during the Vietnam War?… that despite London Welsh being liquidated, their amateur team London Welsh Amateurcontinued as they held separate independent membership of the Rugby Football Union?… that the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board oversees a park system that has been called the best-designed, best-financed, and best-maintained in America?… that because of the 2016–17 video game voice actor strike, voice actress Ashly Burchcould not reprise her role in the Life Is Strange prequel, Before the Storm?… that Jim Benedict was knocked out during his first professional batting practice?Recent additionsStart a new articleNominate an articleIn the newsThe Inter-Continental Hotel in KabulThe former team doctor for USA Gymnastics, Larry Nassar, is sentenced to more than 40 years in prison for sexually abusing more than 150 gymnasts.Rocket Lab’s Electron becomes the first rocket to reach orbit using an electric pump-fed engine.An attack on a hotel (pictured) in Kabul, Afghanistan, kills at least 18 people and injures more than 20 others.Turkey begins a military offensive against US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria.A bus fire in the Aktobe Region, Kazakhstan, kills 52 people.Russell M. Nelson becomes President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.Recent d