Sodabah to take her, the innocent Alissa wasn’t

Sodabah  Taheri Prof: John Remarek Group: TopazThis story of the honest girl          In this story, Alissa, Moore highlights that honesty is the best policy one can use to lead a happy life. Alissa, the main character of this story, is displayed as a honest person despite having gone through miserable life experiences. Alissa’s life suddenly transforms from bad to good because of the honesty she carries.             In this story, Alissa is a young girl who is fond of reading. She reads every day. Alissa’s father doesn’t like the fact that she reads and doesn’t earn any money. One day, he decides to sell Alissa to the rich man from the city and earn money that way. However, his father was honest person but his friend was dishonest and he lied to his father “Alissa, my friend has work for you in the city” (2). When the old ugly man from city came to take her, the innocent Alissa wasn’t willing to go with them at all. It clearly shows in the book, “She doesn’t want to go with this man. She wants to go to school in the village. She likes school. She likes reading.” (4). No matter what she wants/feels, she had no choice but to leave the house since the father was the one who made decision in the household. Her mother packed her thing and she left the village afterwards.        Father’s of Alissa said to strange man that his daughter like reading books, but the strange man laughed at Alissa face. The laughed of strange man was because he doesn’t like that girls have access to studies. She accepted whatever she was assigned to do. She did as much as she could. Her love for books didn’t go away. One time when she was working in the tailor shop with five other girls, she gathered some money from the little money that owner lady pays. She bought a book and read during lunch times. This also showed her passion for learning and improving as a human being. The shop owner is surprised. (10) The owner asked if she can read and write, to which she says yes. She is promoted to work in the shop and no longer has to live in the dark and small room. This transformation happened because she was able to read and write and she was honest about herself to the owner.           Honesty can help people to be trusted so it changes their life style. More tries to prove that being honest is a quality all people need to have and use to go far in life. We can be successful by being honest because it is the right thing to do. It shows that a person can trusted. If we tell the truth and aim to be a person of integrity then people will see as upright when we will do something.           People love to do business with those who is fair honest and reliable. Word will get around that in this story Alissa just not worked hard but also honest and accepted all her challenges. that way people likes her. When one is honest, they can have good relationship with society and make more close friends also we can confidence ability to trust yourself. Honesty is something important for all of. It is something that will improve one’s future and relationship with all people.          But when she moved to city she fused a lot of challenges. she could deal with challenges by being her honesty made able to come out of challenges and come true This story Alissa was poor. Moreover, she worked in the shop and she was serves the customers. One day, one customer come and bought expensive dresses. she gives Alissa small present. Therefore, Alissa runs out into the street and she runs after the lady. She told to her here is the purse then, she smiles and take this money. Alissa said “l do not accepted this money” and she said you are very honest honest l never see like you, then she come and take Alissa her home because she said “l will help you so you are very honesty girl l love you so much” and she said l have belief on you but now you can go school and read book she was very happy and safe. But we can say honesty is very good role in our life and we can happy and enjoy it.                                                     The truth always comes around its always best to be honest it makes any and every relationship strong and healthy and we make a beautiful life forever. Work CitedMoore, C. J. “Alissa” Macmilar Reader: British English 2016