Social which would better able to assist financially.

Social work is another
form of helping profession. Its main purpose is to eliminate social issues
(child abuse, poverty, domestic violence) within society. This type of
profession can cater to an individual, a family, a community, an organization
or even a community at large. In dealing with these social issues they use what
is called a system theory (this is the surrounding influence in a person’s
life. i.e., if it’s a student it would be the school they attend, the family
members, the organization(s) the person is a part of if there are any and it
also outlines the relation relationship he/she has with each system. According
to the NASW (national association of social work), social work’s mission is to
make everyone’s life better and is expected to meet the needs of each person
alive especially those who may have experienced social injustice and who are
more vulnerable and who may also be living in poverty. Social workers are known
for their level of advocacy when it comes on to people, which can certainly be
seen as heroic.

            Social work like many other helping professions deals
with people directly. We can look at social work in comparison to a
professional counselor. Based on the principles of both professions, they are
able to work with people of various backgrounds. Like counseling, social
workers are also able to give guidance relating to the person’s personal,
psychological and in some cases the client’s physical needs e.g., a student
whose parent is ill and is unable to provide for them financially to go to
school. Often times with cases such as these, both professionals will/may offer
to give a helping hand where the finances are concerned, as well as they both
depending on the situation have the ability to become brokers(refer clients to
organizations who specializes in the identified issue. One such organization
that the child may be referred to is PATH programme of advancement through
health which would better able to assist financially.

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            Though both professions have a fair share of similarities,
individually they both have their unique characteristics that set them apart
from other helping professions. What sets social work apart from a professional
counselor? PIE (people in environment); this is term used in social work which
explains the reciprocated reaction of an individual and the environment. What
this means, is that what happens in the environment can affect the action of a
person and the end the result will be that the person’s reaction will or can
affect his/her environment also. So as a result of this, what social workers do
is to try to create an environment that the client can function in. The method
in which they do this is to reach out the systems surrounding the client’s
life. E.g. there is a child that is continuously disrespecting his teachers and
peers at school.

the social worker may do in that case is to speak with his/her
parent(s)/guardian to understand the root cause of the child’s behavior. Upon
doing so, the social worker is able to evaluate the situation and work with the
surrounding factors that contribute to the child’s behavior and see how best
they can fix the situation causing the behavior. Professional counselors are
more concerned with providing psychotherapy services. This just means that they
deal with the psychological aspect of the issue; what is happening to the
patient mentally and emotionally. After doing their observation and other testing,
they are able to diagnose the client as well as to treat them for whatever
mental condition the client may have, whilst the social worker, on the other
hand, is not able to diagnose or administer any treatment. For example, in the
same case mentioned where the student is disrespectful at school, what the
professional counselor will do is to assess the client after which observations
and conclusions are made to say that the child may be suffering from a type of
mental disorder why he/she reacts the way they do. The counselor may then
administer medications that may help to calm the nerves or any type of medication
that will treat the diagnosed condition.