Social can spend virtually the whole day talking

media is an online form of communication. It allows users to interact with each
other from all over the world; sharing content and ideas through an application
or website. It is becoming more and more prominent in today’s society; to the
point of necessity.

active in an online community gives us a chance to understand the views from
people of all walks of life. This can not only change individual perspectives,
but form social movements that can really benefit the way we live. This form of
online communication also provides a direct way for friends and family to stay
in touch, no matter where or who they are. This means stronger bonds can form
between people, as they can spend virtually the whole day talking to one
another, even when they are unable to leave the house.

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is key in modern living. As our lives become busier and we take more
responsibilities everyone will always be looking for the quickest way around. Twitter
is a prime example of this as it’s unique way of searching through hashtags was
fast and effective enough to bring in 330 million different users a month.

with Facebook receiving traffic from 1.71 billion different users every month,
it’s not hard to see why it’s considered the most used. Big brands like this are
very competitive and are often known to buy out their rivals. Facebook alone
bought both Instagram and WhatsApp between 2012 and 2014. This doesn’t just
take place in Western society, Chinese companies such as; Baidu Tieba, QZone,
WeChat and QQ are all ranked highly in popularity. The social media market is
prominent throughout developed societies.

media can have more uses than just interaction through text and images; networks
like WeChat that have a rapidly growing audience as they give their app new
unique features. It can be used for games, pay and work logs. Due to these new
easy to set up advancements, it connects everyone in a way that is quick and cost
efficient for a business; thus, expanding their market. The younger generations
seem to be most prominent in social media; being raised around technology.  Many are captivated with broadcasting
different aspects of their lives; the more instance and more variety a messaging
service has, the better.

social media is used in everyday modern life as a method of communication;
sharing ideas and perspectives. It increases social productivity and efficiency
in our lives to the point where most have become dependent on it.