Smart using its experience, it is capable of

Smart Technology can be derived
with physical and logical applications in all formats which are capable to
adapt automatically to modify behavior to fit the environment. It senses things
with sensors, providing data to analyze and infer from drawing conclusion from
rules. While using its experience, it is capable of learning that it to improve
performance, anticipates what to do next, with the ability to self-sustain.
Smart technology allows us to live an easier lifestyle.

Smart Technology is a cognitive technology capable
of making decision without human intervention. These machines have learning and
data catchments to perform traditionally conducted by humans. The main
characters are to boost efficiency and productivity and are expected to be a
major component in building a sustainable future. Big performance improvement
out of everything from electric grid and transport to water supply systems and
health are the true principle of Smart Technology. The combination of IT
products like automation sensors and system monitoring is the practice of Smart

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Technology’s principles and practice has made people’s lives easier due its
present use and more convenient due to its potential.

Smart Technology is a diagnostic
method first developed IBM and gives way to the ATA-3 specification that is
called before as predictive failure analysis. To detect warnings of drive
failure, the technology was adapted by IBM mainframe. From these, smart
technology blossomed to what it is today. There is a concern of problems and
nothing is fail-proof in the beginning. But the combination of smart technology
with the agility of human decision-making for it to be sustainable and safe.

San Francisco have a difficult transport system. But
“there is an app” for every problem that we might or are encountering everyday.
An application in commuting was made possible. Google Maps and Waze also
provides traffic routes that are faster. Transportation became mobile. As we
connect to the internet, everything is faster, better, and easier. Companies
like Amazon have innovations that will help people be “smarter”. Nineteen
billion things will be connected to the internet. We are experiencing Smart
Technology today like smart home, wearables, that tracts and analyzes health,
and 3D printers.

Traffic monitoring, checking air
quality, expanding broadband access and checking convenient parking options are
some development of Smart Technology. Cities have partnership with private
companies and organizations for them to be more competitive in global economy
technologically. Residents will have better lives through transportation,
environmental initiatives and infrastructure of digital technology. Cities are
adapting to Smart Technology in the next twenty years.

U.S. cities like Denver are creating an
entrepreneurial city partnering with local institutions, tech companies and
developers. Smart lighting, parking, electric vehicle charging stations,
environmental sensors, and transport solution including EV shuttles, San Francisco
and some private companies install Wi-Fi throughout cities for the connectivity
of the technology. There are various smart products from smart television,
phone, meters, vehicles, grid, and cities, There are four groups of smart
products and technology based on their technical capabilities and innovation.
The first group is the Wirelessly-Connected group. Smart televisions, baby
monitors, phone, watch, and wallet are examples of these. The second group, the
Interactive group are composed of smart table, board games, burglar alarm,
fridge, and cooker. The third group, the Predictive group includes smart hard
drive, cars, buildings, grids, and farm. The last group ate the Innovative
Ideas and includes smart wi-fi, glass, defense, and pajamas.

Smart technology must be safe from hackers and and
cyber threats. As a technology, it is possible to be hacked.  Smart Technology and Secure Technology must
be one and in sync. There must be parameters set up by cyber security for it to
be secured. Smart Grid is the ultimate example of a smart and secure
technology. Increasing products and service, are using “smart” term. Smart is
likely to be an electronic device. Not all devices and systems that have “smart
tag” are advance. It is just a marketing strategy to increase sales.

enhancement of creative thought will be seen during the successful integration
of smart technology. An increase in skill level is needed as more and more
mundane work is overtaken. Much development could be stunted as automation and
algorithm technology is developed. According to Philip van Allen, an
interaction designer, educator, and creative technologies, there is a lot of
potential of Smart Technology, smart does not always mean superb or
intelligent. If our system can understand our context, and have access to relevant
information they can present us with interesting options. Smart technology will
definitely lessen energy consumption by supplanting manual services. There are
energies that are needed to develop, built, run, and maintain the technology
must be considered also. According to Marshall Cox, Founder and CEO of Radiator
Labs, the technology also consume energy as these machines save us energies
form manual effort.

From a workforce point of view, smarter machines
will make us more productive, and these will allow us to focus on value-added
activities. The smart machines will be built to make us more productive,
flexible, and efficient The future developments include smart cars and smart
cities. We can connect our home, body, even our city in an innovative way. There
are better solutions to our today’s problem with smart technology. Smart
Technology has been a part of discussion with regards to the future of the
world’s infrastructure.

Smart Technology is a
representation of different things to different people. Smart technology will
help improve the quality of life. Home, health, manufacturing, work, transport,
energy, and leisure will be enhanced. Smart Technology makes our everyday lives
easier compared to some years back. Humanity is the center of Smart Technology.