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Very recently, from the close of February, 1997 the Indian Parliament has been seriously considering for passing a law in favour of women’s partnerships in various areas of life. Almost in all the countries of the world, to-day, the boys and girls have been granted equal rights for receiving free universal education upto the secondary stage.

However, it will have to be admitted that in some countries boys outnumber girls in secondary schools and in some girls do so. For example, in U.S.A., industrial countries of Europe, Canada and New Zealand girls lag behind boys in schools and in many countries of South America, Africa and Middle East Asia the number of boys in secondary schools is larger than that of girls.

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In countries where there are separate vocational secondary schools, the number of girl students is higher that of boys. Thus keeping in view the entire global picture at the secondary level, the boys are outnumbering girls. At the university stage also the number of boys is still higher.

The poorer position of girl students in schools may be attributed to some social and economic causes. Still in many countries some resentment exists regarding equal partnership extended towards women, particularly in acquiring leadership in business, industries and higher government services.

Simultaneously, the position of women with regard to marriage and domestic work remains inferior to that of men and this situation works as a great hinderance for women to forge their path ahead along with men.

As a result, girls have to abandon their schools and colleges earlier that boys. This condition is persisting even in those countries where secondary education has been made almost free both for boys and girls, as the parents do not allow their daughters to receive education at least as long as soon are permitted.

But now due to modern changes in technological and economic areas, the need of trained hands is being felt so acutely that both the men and women are being employed in industrial pursuits. It may be noted that now women have also succeeded in acquiring almost equal efficiencies in various fields of work along with men.