At should be able to utilize the fruits

At present, education is neither fulfilling the needs of the individual, nor is it able to meet the requirements of society. There is a gulf between society and education. The individual, to-day, is not self-dependent. He is not able to derive full benefit of education that he is getting.

The main reason for this situation is lack of relationship between education and society. To-day throughout the world education is being made a means for vocationalization. But the vocational twist should not be only job-oriented.

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It is necessary to make education production oriented. The individual should be able to utilize the fruits of his education if it is moulded towards production. This will ease the problem of unemployment and the individual will be able to contribute his share in national production.

This will be possible only when education is related with life. In fact, the utility of education consists in one’s ability in solving his life problems himself, of course, with the help others at times.

Many countries have planned their education to-day keeping the above things in view. Some countries have changed the shape and organization of their higher education for solving their problems.

Through the consent of its people, Albama has changed the aim, curriculum and administration of education. Rumania has enacted laws for bringing changes in its educational system. Ghana, Spain, Brazil and Yugoslavia have made surveys in their lands with a view to effect changes in their educational systems according to the needs of their people.

France, India and some other countries have also tried to relate education with social and economic development. Japan, Thailand and Turkey have made central committees for reforms of their educational systems. Sweden and Spain have organised researches in education for finding out measures for reforms in education.