Especially, of the caste and religion. It

Especially, there has been a hot discussion on this subject in entire India, when two criminals, Chalapathi Rao and Vijaya Vardhana Rao murdered 32 passengers by burning a bus. The recent cases are (i) Manohar, a sadist lover, killed Sree Laxmi in the college in Vijayawada. (ii) Afzal Guru’s capital sentence in the attack on the Parliament.

Several social organizations began to agitate for the abolition of capital punishment. They applied to the Supreme Court for the abolition of capital punishment, and also the death sentence on these two criminals in bus burning case. Some of them also argued to exempt these two criminals, as they belong to Scheduled Caste youth.

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The supporters of capital punishment severely condemned their attitude on basing the caste or religion for the exemption from death sentence is not good for the welfare of society, and it will further deteriorate entire society.

Each one starts claiming as a right to be exempted from criminal liability on the basis of the caste and religion. It causes worst situation in India.

The casteism, religionism, regionalism, etc., already caused considerable damage on the prosperity of the country and psychological feelings of the Indians.

They strongly argue that the punishments should be based upon the serious nature of offences, but not upon the caste, or religion or birth, etc. However, the Supreme Court stayed the death sentence of Chalapathi Rao and Vijayavardhana Rao.

At last, the President of India granted Mercy on them, and as a result their capital punishment was converted into imprisonment for life. Thus the capital punishment has become one of the travesties of the administration of criminal justice in modern times.