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The incident should have roused a feeling of harmony and resentment among the nobles but they could not take any step against the Sultan, as they had no unity among themselves. In the meantime, nobody was appointed on the post of Naib, so Badruddin Sunqar, Amir-i-Najib usurped all the powers of Naib. It annoyed Bahram Shah all the more. Sunqar conspired against his life with the support of his Wazir Muhazabuddin.

But the secret was disclosed to the Sultan by his Wazir. He arrested the conspirators but failed to take a stern action against them due to his weak position. He exiled some of them and transferred Badruddin to Badaun. As he returned from Badaun without seeking permission of the Sultan, Bahram Shah got him killed along with a noble Tajuddin who had a great reputation.

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The murder of Aitigin had already created dissatisfaction among the Turkish nobles but the assassination of Sunqar and Tajuddin terrorized them. Wazir Muhazubuddin endeavored to take advantage of the dissatisfaction of the Turkish nobles and ulemas. As Bahram got murdered one of the Qazis, the ulemas were also against him. The Wazir hatched a plot against the life of the Sultan at the times of Mongol invasion in 1241 a.d.

He was sent against the Mongols for the security of Lahore which was besieged by the Mongols. On the way he told and convinced the Turkish nobles that he was directed by the Sultan to kill all of them.

It made the Turkish nobles angry and they being afraid and conscious of his evil designs took another step to depose the Sultan. A battle was fought among the citizens of Delhi and the Turkish nobles but the rebels achieved victory. They captured and killed Sultan Bahram Shah in May 1242 a.d.