This feeling of proper social and national responsibility

This meaning also includes the inculcation of the feeling of social and national J responsibility in the public life of the country. It is to be remembered that we have to overcome the tendency of

Hinduisation, as proposed by some narrow minded persons, in our-effort for Indianisation. In fact, we have to keep Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Sind his and other countrymen with us in the sequence of Indianisation, otherwise Indianisation will be meaningless.

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Indianisation does not mean making it governmental. Its aim is the development of the feeling of proper social and national responsibility in the people. National feeling should not be interpreted in the political context alone.

The national feeling goes further by including political sincerity in it. Attachment to the country, feeling of pride for our cultural heritage, respect for national language, national-flag, national leaders, national anthem and national beliefs are all included in it.

Those foreigners who have come upto our expectations in these various contexts, May also be considered worthy of this national feeling.

For example, Smt. Annie Besant and Mr. Stocks, though they were not born in India, will always remain a part of our national life since they proved true to our expectations. Contrary to this, many persons who were born in Indian can never come in the purview of our definition of Indianisation. If they have proved disloyal to our country.

The national feeling of a person is his inner inclination. His religion, caste, language or political party has very little influence on it. By Indianisation we mean this favourable inner inclination of an Indian though he may have any religion, language or political faith.