My you can kindly consider my application

My friend ____________ (Name) has told me that he wants to resign his post as Assistant Architect in your firm by the end of this month as he is migrating to the ___________ (Place Name). He has told me that he found it encouraging and satisfying to work for you and your company. I should be obliged if you can kindly consider my application for this post in his place.

I am a young man of ____________ (Age) with a lot of initiative, drive and energy for hard and challenging work. I possess degree in Architecture from the ____________ (University Name) and am registered with ____________ (Architecture Council Name). Although I have no actual work experience at present, but I am confident I would make myself very useful to you in a very short time with my aptitude and sincerity for the job.

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I understand the requirements of my job very well and I am well qualified for it. In view of what my friend has told me, I admire your company and would welcome this opportunity of becoming Assistant Architect under you. My friend ____________ (Name) would be pleased to testify that I am thoroughly competent and dependable for the job and any other responsibility entrusted to me. I shall be pleased to provide further excellent reference if needed.

I hope I would be given the opportunity for the interview soon.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)