I folktales of ____________ (Place Name) from

I have come to know through a reliable source that you urgently need the services of some translators and interpreters.

I am ____________ (Years) of age with Bachelor’s degree from the ____________ (University Name) and presently employed with ____________ (Travels Name), ____________ (Place Name) as an interpreter and translator. My main job here is to work as a guide-interpreter with foreign tourists and visitors especially from ____________ (Place Name) and ____________ (Place Name).

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I can read, write and speak fluently Chinese, English and Japanese, and of course ____________ (Place Name). I have obtained a degree in translation and interpretation of Chinese and Japanese languages into Malaya and English and vice versa from ____________ (University Name). I have also translated a book of collection of folktales of ____________ (Place Name) from ____________ (Language Name) into ____________ and this has been widely acclaimed as a creative work of translation.

Although my present employers are fully satisfied with my work and conduct, but I realise that here is no opportunity for creative translation and further promotion. As I am keenly interested to upgrade my career, especially in creative translation, I have decided for a change.

I would be glad to provide you a couple of excellent references at the time of interview. I look forward for an early interview so that the matter may be discussed in detail and 1 may put before you other relevant data in regard to my long experience and expertise in the line.

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)