I I can speak, and write with fluency

I have the honour to respond to your advertisement of yesterday in the New Straits Time for the post of a Legal Assistant in your company. I am ____________ (Years) of age and a law graduate with sufficient experience to draw up various legal documents on my own. I have been working for the last two years with ____________ (Name), a very senior lawyer and solicitor as his assistant. My duties comprise attending the law courts with my lawyer to assist him in all matters of facts, documents and soon. I can speak, and write with fluency Chinese and English besides my mother tongue ____________ (Language). I possess an aptitude for legal profession and procedures. I want a change because of better career opportunities in your company. My present employer would be pleased to be a referee for me. It is with his consent that I am applying for this post.

If given an opportunity, I shall leave no stone unturned to give you full satisfaction with my hard work and sincerity. I look forward to your favourable consideration and hope to hear from you soon.

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Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)