I and have promised a good raise in

I have seen your advertisement in “____________ (News Paper Name)” for a cashier, and should be grateful if you please consider me as a candidate for the same. I give below a brief account of my character and capabilities. I am a graduate from ____________ (University Name), having passed my B. Com. examination two years back securing first division marks. For the last’ eighteen months I have been in the employ of ____________ (Company Name), working as a cashier and drawing about ____________ (Amount), including all allowances. Although my employers here are very happy with my work and have promised a good raise in my salary, yet I do not find service conditions as ideal as I would like them to be and am in favour of a change to a better firm. I am young man of about ____________ (Years), have good health and possess high character. I belong to a very good family and that my father is chief cashier in a nationalised bank in ____________ (Place Name). My present employers will be very happy to testify to my ability and character. I would merely add that I am quite dependable in handling large amounts of cash. I am prepared to offer you a cash deposit of ____________ (Amount), as security.

I trust you will give me an opportunity to give a practical demonstration of my abilities in your office.

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Thanking you

Yours faithfully,
(Your Name)