Several and still to this day resolving

events throughout history had leading factors contributing to our current
International Relations system. With many events, it starts from early on;
every little detail and action causes a rippling effect on the future. There have
been many events that have been developing factors but amongst the most
prominent events is the Treaty of Versailles and the Gunpowder Revolution. The
Treaty of Versailles leads to the development a meeting of nations that then
failed, only to then rebuild a better meeting amongst nations. The Gunpowder
Revolution became one of the most profound and impacting developments warfare
has ever faced.


On the night of November 11, 1918, when
the Treaty of Versailles is signed, it was known as the “World to End All Wars”
officially being over. World War 1 had officially ended being the most
destructive war the world had seen at that point. It left such a bad taste for war that most nations in the
world were willing to go to great lengths to avoid another conflict like this
one. President Woodrow Wilson called for a meeting among the nations to create
“mutual guarantees of the political independence and territorial integrity of
States, large and small equally.” With that mindset, the League of Nations was
formed in early 1920.The League of Nations is to be a place for countries to
settle their disputes without resorting to war. Part of the Leagues charter
also gave it the authority to take “any action…to safeguard the peace.”
Unfortunately for the world, while the whole idea of the league was a good one,
it had many flaws. The largest problem they faced being enforcement of any
League of Nations rulings. The League didn’t have its own military. So how
could it enforce the agreements made within? The second problem was that the
United States refused to sign on to the League, leaving control of the league
as a mostly European affair. Not to imply that the United States was so
important that the League could not have functioned without the U.S. The United
Nations, established after the Second World War, learned from the mistakes of
the League of Nations and prospered, becoming more successful and still to this
day resolving peace amongst countries. If it were not for the many fails caused
by the League of Nations, the United Nations would not be successful. As an
international system, over time we have learned from our past mistakes to
further improve our nations together.

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