Science human morale and as major part of

has contributed a lot toward society and made the modern world what it is now.

It serves to give insight on how the world work and how human can utilize their
surroundings. While religion serve as a medium for the development of human
morale and as major part of culture, belief, and tradition. These two major
part of global society have conflicting claims and have cause arguments, debates,
persecution and censorship sine their conception.

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is a pretty young thing compared to religion, meaning that people tend to be skeptical
about science. The most popular case of skepticism toward by religion is the
theory of evolution devised by Charles Darwin. The theory states that every living
organism evolve(change) to have specific features to survive in specific environment.

This phenomenon occurs through a process called “Natural Selection” also known
as “Survival of the fittest”. Natural selection happens when an organism has
advantageous features get to survive and breed and pass down those features
until new species or verities is formed. This is in conflict with the Christian
belief that god created every spices in one day. It is very absurd, but some
people abide by it. They call themselves “Creationist” and they will do
anything to discredit the theory of evolution. One person even claimed that the
banana fit the human hand so perfectly that it could not be the product of
something as random as evolution and claim that god made it specifically
created for human consumption. Another example is that Christian claimed that
the earth is only 6000 years old and created by god in only six days without
any basis. In fact, the earth is over 4.3 billion years’ old determine by studying
sample of meteorite and then comparing to rock on earth. The creationist movement
also covers this debate because they claim god created earth too.

persecution of scientist is a dark mark on history as it includes the
imprisonment and torture, even to death. The greatest example is Galileo
Galilei, considered as the founder of modern science, came up with a lot of
theory that laid the foundation for other scientist to work on and develop more
ideas. One of his most revolutionary theory was that the earth orbits around
the sun instead of the sun rotating around the earth. Nobody believed him.

Later he got into an argument with a priest about a comet. The priest used his influence
within the Roman Catholic church to discredit Galileo’s work as simply nonsense
without any biblical proof and it was eventually banned. His work was labeled
by roman catholic church as blasphemy. His relationship with the church began
to deteriorate and he was eventually arrested and imprisoned until his death.

wasn’t always this way, in the past religion and science coexist peace fully or
even cooperating. When we think about Islam, we usually see it as a strict
religion and resist change in the world and is very skeptical of science. But
during the golden age of Islam, most of the modern age’s scientific discovery
and method was credited to the scientist from this era. A Muslim scientist
theorize that the earth orbits the sun, way before Galileo did. In the field of
medicine, a Muslim scientist discovered the pulmonary circulatory system
through dissection way before western did. Algebra was invented by a Muslim mathematician,
it still proves its worth in this day and age. All of this scientific is
completed and publish without the persecution or objection from the religious establishment,
in fact they encouraged scientist to do their work. But how did Islam change its
view on science, the rise of fundamentalist or traditionalist cleric within the
society. This similar to those priest within the catholic church.