Throughout my ultimate goal of becoming a practitioner.

Throughout my life, people have always compared our house to a jungle. I have never understood why…after all, like every other American family, ours consists of a husband and wife, three glorious children, seven Rhodesian Ridgebacks, one stray cat, and fifteen Romognola cows. This is normal…right? Even I can answer this…NO! Yes, the rumors are true, and quite frankly, I am not ashamed. I am honored to be part of such a diverse group of family members. They have each helped me form my ultimate life-long goal of becoming a small-animal veterinarian or specialist.
Since I was young, animals have never failed to captivate my interest. I have always been fascinated with their minds and bodies, and often find myself watching Animal Planet or reading the newest information on the TAMU College of Veterinary Medicine website on Saturday nights (humorous, I know). I try to do anything to gain a better understanding of my desired field of study.
In my summer and free time, I have dedicated numerous hours of volunteer work to shelters and clinics throughout Texas and in Edgartown, Massachusetts where my mother lives. I devote my time to such activities because I truly believe that I could make a difference in the way people view and appreciate animals. I feel that by obtaining knowledge and giving my time to this area will only help me achieve my ultimate goal of becoming a practitioner.
I feel that I am different from many individuals who plan on taking their education to the next level, in that I have already paved a road for the long journey. Many students have the desire to obtain some sort of higher education but are not sure in which direction they wish to go. I am honored to have a direction that I know I can make a difference in and that I will enjoy. Although my desire and perseverance continue to persist, I know that I have a lot to learn when I begin attending Texas A&M in the fall. One of the most intimidating aspects abo…