Schedule Management Plan Date Prepared: 13/12/2017 1. Schedule

Management Plan

Date Prepared: 13/12/2017

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1.      Schedule Management Approach:

project schedule management plan is a component of the project management plan
that establishes the activities for developing, monitoring, and controlling the
project. We are following the rules and regulation those are mentioned in the
Project management body of knowledge. All the things are to be completed on
time so that the next activity related to it can also be initiated on time.
Further report includes activity identification, sequencing, resource
estimating, level of accuracy, schedule updates, schedule changes, delays,
approvals, reporting, etc.

2.      Scheduling Process:

schedule will be managed and controlled using the following approach:

2.1  Activity

Activities are identified by the processes which
involves the last functions.

2.2  Sequencing:

Our activities are sequenced on finish to start
relationship. Once the preceding activity is finished, successor activity will
be started.

2.3  Resource

Resources are estimated on the basis of today’s
market and share values.

2.4  Duration

Duration of activities is estimated on the basis of
work hours given by the workers, availability of resources and considering
public holidays.


3.      Milestone List:

4.      Monitoring and Controlling:


4.1  Schedule

Schedule shall be updated
weekly. Stakeholders, sponsors, managers and other high post team members shall
be updated whether there is a changing or not.


4.2  Schedule

If a need occurs to make any
changes in schedule, project sponsor and director should be informed. Sponsors
have the authority to pass any schedule changes.


4.3  Reporting:

Reporting will be made to
the managers and activity level and he will be evaluating that time to time.


4.4  Delay:

Delays which are internal and do not cause any harm
on the final completion date will only be accepted. Then schedule will also be