Sapphire, with each other. That was how it

Sapphire, a blameless lady in the full bloom of youth, stood alone on the beach, gazing over the azure water with her spotless aquamarine crystals. Her lily-white hair danced lightly in the ocean breeze. She smiled to herself with anticipation as she absent-mindedly adjusted her scarf. She wore a lemon-colored featureless robe, covering her from head to foot. Her hair was woven into a platinum braid, complementing her angelic lily-white visage. Furry ears flicked at the top of her head, and she twitched her lily-white tail. She stood, awaiting her love. They had known each other since they were children. They had spent time together so often that, despite all differences, others often mistook them as siblings. However, it was not until recently that they had recognized their feelings for each other. From then on, they were inseparable. They shared every part of their life with each other. That was how it was to this very day. Sapphire’s aquamarine globes spotted Flynn further down on the beach, closer to the roaring sea. His lovely hair was woven into a burgundy braid. His crystals were turned toward the ocean, hidden from Sapphire’s sight, but she knew and loved their angelic tawny hue. He was dressed in his usual everyday clothes. He had a toned but slender body covered with brunet skin. A carmine growth of hair adorned his chin. As Sapphire drew nearer, she caught a note of his familiar scent of lingering iron and steel. She smiled to herself. It always reminded her of the time they shared. “Boo,” she called, walking towards him. He stood at attention. “Sapphire! I’m glad.” “It’s good to see you again,” Sapphire said, taking his hand. “Have I kept you waiting?” “Not at all,” he said. They began their leisurely walk along the ocean’s edge. “It’s been awhile since we’ve had time to spend like this,” Sapphire mused. “I’ve been so busy with everything.” “I wish we could be together more often,” Flynn sighed. “Be happy for the time we have together,” Sapphire prodded. “You’re right.” He smiled at her before looking up to the clear ocean-colored sky. “It’s such a beautiful day today. Warm, with a comfortable breeze. It’s perfect for spending time with you.” “Any day is a beautiful day when you’re here,” she replied. Sapphire admired his sleek rose strands and the way they glowed in the caramel sunlight. “You light up any day of mine.” “Oh, stop,” he laughed. His tilted his head for a quick kiss, and Sapphire obliged, catching a whiff of earth and iron. When they pulled back, she tucked a single askew strand of hair behind his ear. “Flynn,” she said gravely, “every day I thank the forces that brought us here. Something like this — it had to be destiny. I can feel it, Flynn. I was born to be with you.” “I love you, Sapphire,” Flynn whispered. she reached for another kiss, and they locked lips passionately. The sound of the waves, the bright flaxen sun, and their histories and dangers all floated away in that moment. At last, the need for air brought them apart. Sapphire brushed a thumb over Flynn’s flushed coral cheek and murmured, “Shall we continue our walk?” While they walked down the beach, they spotted a natural alcove in the cliff bordering the beach.”Oh! Is that…” Flynn began. Sapphire pressed a finger to him’s lips and said, “Yeah. Shh. Come on.” The natural alcove was covered in creeping vines with leaves and tiny flowers. The sound of the ocean echoed all around them, and tiny crabs burrowed into the sand at their approach. “It’s beautiful, Love.” “I know,” she murmured as she closed the distance between them. “So are you.” Flynn’s lips were rough against hers, and so too were his hands. Sapphire was arrested by the smell of lingering iron and steel. When Flynn surfaced for air, he whispered, “Oh, Love…” It was some time before they left the alcove. “The sunset is so beautiful, isn’t it?” Sapphire lifted her head at Flynn’s words to behold the dying sun’s sunset radiance. “It’s nice.” After a moment of silence, he took Sapphire’s hands in his and said quietly and seriously, “Sapphire… I need to tell you how much you mean to me. How special you are to me. Without you, I would be the sea without the moon — the moon without the sun — You are irreplaceable to me.” “Flynn,” she intoned in response. “You are special to me too. You are my moon and stars.” “Love… Let’s be together forever, then.” Flynn squeezed her hand and sidled closer. Sapphire sighed with contentment and brought him closer. She gazed at the beautiful aureate rays of the falling sun, thinking about everything that had transpired on this day and all that would pass between them. “You’ll hurt your eyes doing that,” Flynn whispered. Sapphire looked at him instead. “I love you, Flynn.” “I love you too, Sapphire.” Their lips met, and pale strands met sanguine ones, aflame in the dying light. The sand was their witness and the rumbling ocean their approving audience, and Flynn, her eternally faithful lover. Sapphire thought to herself that nothing could be more perfect in the world. … Thus concludes our tale. Would you like another?