Risk Assessment and Practices of Dodge Ball


This report highlights the measures that have been taken to address the dangers posed by the dodge ball game in the school. In compiling the report, the main hazards were identified. The report also gives the strategies put in place to control hazards to reduce the risks of playing the game.


The main hazards in the dodge ball game may include aggression between participants which can result to serious physical injuries. The aggressions not only cause injuries to players, but also to members of staff. The aggression can also arise from the spectators or the general public.

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This form of aggression has the potential to cause psychological and physical problem to participants, spectators and members of staff in the school. Physical obstacle in the school compound can also be a source of hazard to all participants with a potential of causing serious physical injuries.

Poor preparations by players such as lack of warm up before engaging in the game potentially poses a risk of physical injuries to participants. To add to this, regular collisions between participants and injuries from equipment such as balls are a threat to both the players and officials. Wrong footwear, jewelry, glasses and poor behavior by players are also hazards that may risk the safety of the participants and the spectators.

Risk management strategies

Students need to be supervised at all times when they are playing dodge ball. Proper preparation before the game should be done and all players should ensure thorough warm up. No student should be allowed in the field of play without proper clothing and particularly the footwear should be right. All balls should be thrown at a height below the chest. Any ball aiming the head should be prohibited.

According to Keyes (14), to avoid injuries from the balls, soft balls should be used. All aggressive players should be removed from the field of play as a punishment. Officials should not condone any unruly behavior from the crowd. Any member of the crowd with such behavior should face a ban from attending future matches. Officials also have the duty to ensure the field of play is free from obstacles that are potentially dangerous.

First aid kits should be available at all times. Together with this, a team of well trained volunteers should be made available to administer first aid to all injured players. No jewelry should be allowed in the field of play. Each player should also be made aware of the disciplinary action that may be taken for any action that may pose risks to other players.

Drinks of all forms should be discouraged from the field and all officials should enforce this. The clothing should not have zips. Officiating staff should check to ensure only sportswear are worn by all the players. Dodge ball has number of positive outcomes. The training helps in the strengthening of muscles.

The game also help the body to improve on endurance and to increase in performance of the body, the body muscles also learn to coordinate well as one try to dodge the ball from time to time. The game also helps one to increase his awareness to the surrounding environment. It is also excellent for cardiovascular exercises, and also reduces stress level, anxiety and risk depression.

In conclusion, dodge ball game should be encouraged. However, all rules of the game must be adhered. Any bleach to the set down rules should be punished.

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