Responsible general, does for people and does to

Responsible on chosen decision are the process of being ethical as
individual, same as business, the application of being responsible of business
values are important to fluency the goal to be achieved, without forgetting
morality. Some cases show that lots of business leader have been involved with
law infringement that related with ethical norm, sadly it still happen now, and
at some point people that work in a management role will facing an issue that
require a leadership moral basic. Few out of every odd choice cannot be secured
by monetary, legitimate, or organization tenets and controls. More often than
not, capabilities of choose what decision to make and be responsible to it
depends on the individual values and principles. Delivering values to costumer
to make a good relationship with them through communicative media are arduous
to do, questions are made so producer now what its costumer want and expect for
them through four general categories-product, price, promotion, placement-are
more preferred as “Four Ps” of marketing. Each category also raises important
ethical questions, but the most important is, what advertisement, specifically,
marketing in general, does for people
and does to people. In his speech at
New York University, March 2, 1977, Theodore Levitt said; “Profits can be made
in lots of devious and transient ways. For people of affairs, a statement of
purpose should provide guidance to the management of their affairs. To say that
they should attract and hold costumers forces facing the necessity of figuring
out what people really want and value, and then catering to those wants and
values. It provide specific guidance, and has moral merit.” through this essay,
ethical in marketing are being discussed whether this theory shows that
business marketing should have moral merit in doing business and advertised its