My first goal while at the university

My objective in attending ______________ University is to pursue an education in computer science that will allow me to build a career based on technical innovation and bringing positive change to my community and my profession. I am particularly interested in exploring how technology can provide innovative solutions to problems [Some Problem]. I expect that the being a part of the university environment will provide me with the knowledge, intellectual rigor, and the confidence to apply my abilities to solving complex, real-world problems.
My first goal while at the university is to build a solid technical foundation in computer science. I have been interested in computers since the age of X, when my father bought our first computer. I discovered that I enjoyed working on the computer and endeavored to learn more about it. My persistence paid off and my proficiency of computers increased. I won [honors] and was also elected president of the computer club for my school. In addition to my computer related activities, I have placed great emphasis on academic excellence in my student life. I have consistently been at the top of my class and maintained excellent grades. My goal is to continue to maintain high standards of achievement while taking advantage of the many intellectual resources available at the university. The learning opportunities offered by the university curriculum, outstanding faculty, and motivated colleagues represent some great reasons for wanting to study here.
I believe that the spectrum of activities available outside the classroom is an integral part of the university experience. As an active participant in student life, I look forward to contributing my time, skills and unique perspectives. I enjoy [other activities] and have [achievements in these activities]. I consider volunteering as an important part of getting involved and contributing to the community. I have volunteered with [organization abc] for the…