Raynor basic attack range is 1 wider than

Raynor Guide The ex-confederate Marshal James Raynor is our resident space cowboy that time and time again has shown he can be resourceful and all around viable option for you in all maps.from his cowboy aim, inspiring presence, self help and ability to call in the cavalry. A great hero to play with if you want to practice positioning with a ranged assassin. Raynor is an archetype of what a ranged damage healer is and what they actually do. In this guide we will take a look at his abilities and talents and form a conclusion as to whether he is still a good hero to play with. Abilities Here we’ll look at his abilities and see if they are up to par with other heroes who get more play time. Advanced Optics The basic attack range is 1 wider than other Heroes, his vision radius is 1 wider as well. Penetrating Round Costing just 60 mana with a cooldown of 12 seconds, penetrating round deals 240 damage plus 4% for each level. It also knocks back enemies. Inspire Costing 40 mana with a cool down of 10 seconds, this allows Raynor to obtain 30% bonus attack speed for 6 seconds. All nearby allies benefit from a bonus of half speed too.Adrenaline Rush This Ability automatically heals for 440 plus 4% for each level when Raynor is below 30% Health. Complete with 40 second cooldown. Hyperion Costing a whopping 100 mana you can call down the Hyperion for a strafing run which deals 66 damage plus 4% per level a second. Up to 4 enemies can be hit. If your in luck its Yamato Cannon will fire on nearby structures for 794 damage plus 4% per level. This awesome attack lasts for 12 seconds. Raynor’s Raiders For another eye watering 100 mana you can summon 2 stealth banshees that will attack the same enemy as Raynor. Each banshee delivers 50 damage plus 4% per level a second. This lasts for 22 seconds total but you can reiniciate the ability to retarget them Talents Level 1: Seasoned Marksman This allows Raynor to boost basic attack damage based on each minion or mercenary he kills. Hero kills count for 3 minion kills with no cap on the boost, which allows you to get a lot of damage over the course of a match. Level 4: Focused Attack This boosts your next basic attack damage by 75% every 10 seconds. You can lower the cooldown by delivering basic attack damage. This means you can retain it almost permanently. Level 7: Revolution Overdrive This provides a 10% movement speed increase when using Inspire. Level 13: Giant Killer lets Raynor to deliver an extra 1.5% damage based on the target’s maximum health. Level 16: Bullseye let’s Raynor stun the first enemy he hits with his  Penetrating Round ability Level 20: Nexus Frenzy Now your basic attacks have an 20% damage increase and range. With Raynor already having a great radius of influence, this makes you  irritating to play against. Conclusion While Raynor is not the first pick for many players, he is a very safe choice. The solid damage he inflicts from a long range complete with his self healing and knockback abilities make him a tiresome hero that is difficult to compete against when you don’t know how to deal with him efficiently.