Racism contributed to people being prejudiced under many

Racism plays a significant role in a society whereby it leads to people forming stereotypes and myths against the minority groups. The media has a role to play in spreading these stereotypes that tend to have a particular political and social agenda. Some of the stereotypes that have acted as portrays with both political agenda are the stereotype of Islam and Middle East people as terrorist and as the portrayal of ethnic minorities as a source of cheap labour.

Jihad which is referred by Muslims as holy war has been used to stereotype Islam religion and the people who practice it. It has been used to paint a picture of Muslims as violent and terrorists. IVople view these groups’ people as terrorist and a danger to the society. This stereotype has been used to drive a political agenda which is to deny refugees from Islam countries Asylum. Thus, since these minority groups have been stereotyped as violent and terrorist when they flee their countries, they are denied asylum which each has a right to be given.

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Race and ethnicity have been an important modality in determining the class relations experienced by the minorities. The minority groups are stereotyped as people who are not educated and can only provide cheap labour and hold junior positions in organizations. This portrayal has been used to ensure that the white enjoys the white privilege. Whit privilege has led to the majority group attaining higher positions in organizations hence enjoying the better social.

economic class. Despite the minorities being best performers the stereotype that they belong to the unskilled labour positions they do not get the position they deserve and have been forced to stay in the lower social, economic classes due to meager wages they earn.


Iniersectionality has contributed to people being prejudiced under many bases such as gender, race, and age among other things. Women of colour experience sexism at workplaces. Women of colour who are transgender face higher sexism and violence in the workplace. These transgender women experience overt racism accompanied with sexism and also violence regarding sexual assault at workplaces.

Iniersectionality helps in looking at the forms of discrimination that transgender woman of colour experience. First, when looking at women of colour at their workplace, the first thing people may notice is racism. Black women tend to face racism due to the stereotypes people have against people of colour. One of the things that are overlooked is the sexist prejudice that these women face which is further heightened when they are transgender. Sexism is associated with the gender of an individual. Tran’s women of colour face higher levels of sexism, misogyny and anti-trans prejudice. If we looked at gender and race in this situation while analyzing the case, we would miss the anti-trans discrimination they face and the high levels of misogyny they face. The aspect of anti-trans prejudice and misogyny come in when the two factors that are women of colour and being transgender are present in a situation.

People require more sensitization about transgender women and how sexism and prejudice against these women impact on both their self-esteem and their health. Racism and sexism factors of discrimination against women of colour have substantially been addressed in the society, but there is little focus on the transgender bit of women of colour. Therefore, through sensitization and education of people about transgender will end the homophobia prejudices they have against these people.