Introduction that their availability in a given region


Langley Park in Maryland has several social service providers. These services include homeless shelters, wheels on meals, family services, counseling services, educational services and community outreach. An analysis of these social programs shows that they have helped in improvement of community health by provision of their services.

The Purpose of this Assessment

This is assessment is carried out with an aim of shading light on the social services that are offered in Langley park in Maryland. Social services play a very significant role in raising the living standards and it is significant that their availability in a given region is known. It also worth noting that the provision of social services a subset of public health and thus by extension this assessment is more of fulfilling the course objectives.

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Social Services at Langley Park Maryland

Latin American Youth Centre (LAYC) was established to help the needy people from all cultural backgrounds. The main target was the youths and their families. LAYC has been working towards achieving its mission by creating a regional network of youth centers.

Their aim is to help youths in making decisions for their lives so as to become responsible young adults (LAYC, 2011). Firstly, they empower youths by providing educational programs for the youths. Education is mainly on healthy recreation and fitness, computer training, guidance and counseling as the young people prepare for college.

Their mission is to build and strengthen the youths in academics, socially, health wise as well as to prepare them for quality leadership (Center, 2011). There are several Alcohol Rehab Centers and Alcohol Detox Centers in Langley Park which offer alcoholism treatment and recovery. The approach used is either individual or group counseling and interaction. Treatment and recovery addresses specific needs of alcohol users. This can be group social support, counseling and behavior therapy.

Rehabilitation cost for alcohol abuse is quite expensive and ranges from $400-$1200 per day (Alcohol, 2011). Langley Meals on wheels offer different services to the community. People who benefit from this service are people who are not able to make or afford their food on both temporary and permanent basis. People with health and social needs that are defined by health services are also eligible for this service.

This organization provides two meals at an affordable price of $ 5.50 per meal. The meals provided are nutritious and thus contribute to good health of the beneficiaries. Additional benefits include social contact with volunteers who deliver these meals. The volunteers also check on the wellbeing of the clients and respond appropriately in case of any emergency (Meals, 2010).

Educational/vocational service

There are a number of educational facilities which available in the Langley Park Maryland. The educational institutions are working out to help the society in improving its standards of living (Archives, 2003).

Some social institutions have also taken the initiatives to help those who are economically challenged in the society; institutions which have taken up this initiative include “Saint Elizabeth, St. Camillus and Lady of Mercy Catholic churches” (Elizabeth, 2006, p. 1).

There are also family services which are offered to children, the youth and families. Some of the services which are provided by these family services providers include guidance and counseling. The services are offered on a free basis and therefore can be utilized by anybody.

Health Contribution of Social services in Langley Park Maryland

Crossroads Youth Opportunity Centre by the Department of Family services offers invaluable services that contribute to better health of the community. Behavioral health assessments and counseling of youths enhance mental health (Butler, n. d, pp. 3-4).

Counseling helps those who are drug addicted to re-establish normal brain functioning. Alcohol, opioids (heroine, morphine), tobacco (nicotine), cannabis (marijuana) and stimulants (cocaine, methamphetamine) are harmful to health. They are known to cause many diseases such as cancer. Treatment helps to diminish the cravings.

Behavioral therapy helps the addicts from individual to family level (NIDA, n. d). Counseling helps in reduction of the diseases caused by these drugs. Health education improves health knowledge, attitudes, skills and behavior. It has a great contribution to health because it improves people’s health status. It improves the quality of life and creates awareness of the diseases causes, prevention and treatment.

Education helps in reduction of medical costs in health institutions. This is because individuals and families are able to protect themselves from diseases. Outreach practices such as having printed materials e. g magazines, flyers and posters also help in health education. These materials reach many people in schools, companies, families, employees and community as a whole (Education, n. d).

Provision of healthy diet by meals on wheels reduces many risks of disease. Most diseases are related with diet. Healthy diet keeps people strong with good sleep and concentration. Healthy diet promotes mental health, “improved digestion, improved skin tone and texture, stronger heart, prevention of diabetes, decreased risk of cancer, weight loss and longer lifespan” (Eating, n. d).

Another benefit is that healthy diet helps in building a strong immune system (Eating, n. d). The economic burden of diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart diseases is high. Prevention of these diseases reduces the cost burden of treatment to the individual, family, insurance companies and health care providers. It also helps people to have a higher output in their work.


Social services counseling, meals on wheels, education, good housing, community outreach and family services are invaluable. They are mostly play a key role in prevention and treatment of diseases. This shows that they have helped in improvement of community health by provision of their services. Availability of such services in the society raises the standards of living of a society.


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