I as they can prove to be

I am writing to apply to become a senior prefect, as I believe I would be an ideal representative of the school and a good role model to those younger than me.
I recently proved myself to be a good leader in the Careers in Construction challenge, when I took charge of my group, which then went on to win one of the prizes.
I would work well with other prefects, as I have always been a keen team worker. I was a regular member of the school's rugby team and I also play in the school wind band as well as the Peterborough County Youth Orchestra. I was part of the John Lewis group in the Industry Challenge Competition as well. John Lewis were so pleased with our performance, they sent a letter to the school to say so. On top of all that, I one of the students taking part in the Engineering Education Scheme. All of these things also show my commitment to extra-curricular activities.
I am a hard worker, and proved this by achieving good grades in my GCSE exams, and The school needs to promote the importance of extra-curricular activities, as they can prove to be a valuable asset to those looking to prove themselves as committed workers after leaving school. A good idea would be to give each pupil a compulsory activity, maybe temporarily, that also compliments their schoolwork. A similar idea proved successful in the Industry Challenge Competition.
Please consider my application, as I believe I fulfil all the criteria for a good senior prefect. My referee is Mr. Wears.