I in sixth-form life. I am a peer

I am interested in studying Advertisment Design because of my desire to work in the marketing side of this complex industry. This complexity, needs a greater level of education, and with that in mind, I am applying to your university to study advertising. Through studying A-levels Art, Media Studies, Drama and English, I have enjoyed and gained the sufficient educational background in order to go on further and achieve my dreams.
I have had numerous work experiences that would further enhance my qualifications for this course. The two positions I have held at Next plc and French Connection plc have in common an emphasis on serving the public effectively. Both of these positions have enabled me to develop my sales and ‘people’ skills, which I consider to be extremely important in an increasingly service-driven marketplace. During a work placement in France, I used my skills of logic to make a successful transition from one language and culture to another. Being fluent in Arabic too has made me confident that those same skills will allow me to translate the promise of visual query techniques to a working, practical reality.
At school, I play an active role in sixth-form life. I am a peer counselling prefect and throroughly enjoy this resposibility; I feel I am a good listener and people can trust and confide in me. I am a co-operative person and am very helpful to others. I like to plan things well ahead of time in order to achieve a given task as efficiently and effectively as possible. My hobbies are swimming and aerobics and I am currenlty a member at a health club. I enjoy reading literary novels and media publications in order to keep up to date with current events.
My academic background, my studies and work on database systems, and my research skills will enable me to succeed in the highly demanding course I have chosen. Finally, the attractive content of the course, together with my abilities an