Personally, all ways to better oneself.The other

Personally, I consider myself good for nothing and talentless but a more rational side of me thinks that I am an adept learner and a jack of all trades who can bring much significant skills to the table. It might seem as though I have an inflated ego but trust me, self doubt has always made me think deeply about myself, my deeds and what I’m capable of. The tendency to prove myself worthy of any task was hardwired into me from a young age. Whether it be leading a large group of volunteers or even a friendly competition with a peer, I have always been pushing myself to my limits.Admiration is not the principal reason of why I do all this. It is self growth. Desire to better oneself is key to a successful life in my opinion and I am a firm believer and follower of this ideology. Gaining certain skills; becoming spiritually enriched; or even helping someone in need: These are all ways to better oneself.The other reason I learn or gain experience is because of the desire I have to teach others of that which I have learnt. The sense of fulfillment I feel after passing on the knowledge is unparalleled. Whether it’s tutoring a friend on a school topic or fun facts about seaweed, every little knowledge I can share excites me. The best way to study is in a group where ideas and concepts can be shared and explained mutually amongst each other. As an international student from Bangladesh, it would be a pleasure to enlighten fellow students about our culture which in turn would grow the cultural diversity in their minds and mine. My constant hunger for knowledge also has branches in other countries and cultures. The idea of getting to know how nationals of the countries I’ve visited has always been something to look forward to. That fact that I’ll be studying in a foreign country with a very diverse group of students gets me going. Life experiences are really important for me. From a young age, my father always treated me like an adult: explaining to me the details and thoughts he put into any ‘adult’ decision he makes and all. I’ve even spent time with my father’s coworkers some days just to see how things are done. Now, I feel it’s a duty of mine to do the same for my peers. Applying for universities has been a major jump into adulthood with little to no guidance for me; I made myself a promise that I would not let this experience I gained be used only once, but many times by others who will face the similar daunting climb I’ve faced.Simon Fraser is a perfect university for me. The location, the cultural diversity, the clubs, the side courses.In addition to academic breadth, there are a greater variety of extra-curricular activities available at SFU. I am excited about continuing my interests in sports and writing. I have played on my high school’s soccer team for two years and I plan to play soccer throughout university in SFU’s Soccer team. I also have written several articles for our school’s yearly magazine and am interested in continuing improving my skills in writing.During my time as a Rover Scout for our school’s Scout Group (my school’s largest club), I have led many younger students in multiple school and exterior events. All while promoting discipline, respect and bravery among them. My school places large emphasis on test grades and attendance. As senior scout, I had taken the initiative of organising study sessions among the scout members with Rovers as mentors. I hope to use the experience I’ve gathered from here and apply it during my time at SFU.