My was influenced by my exposure to two

My intended major at the University of California Riverside is business, with a specialization on marketing and international business, specifically. My interest to pursue my studies and establish a future career in International Business, specifically Marketing, was influenced by my exposure to two cultures-Chinese and American cultures. Immigrating in the country 6 years ago, as a high school teenager, I was suddenly exposed to another world, completely different from the country where I came from-China. From the moment I arrived in this country, I realized two things. First, I yearned to learn more about America, and be able to be a part of this dynamic culture.And second, I suddenly realized how much I appreciate my own heritage, Chinese culture, for its equally dynamic and colorful nature. As an immigrant, I am given the opportunity to enjoy two worlds, worlds that have greatly influenced the economy, politics, and even cultures of other nations all over the world.
As a business major specializing on Marketing, it would be interesting and it would be a challenge for me to apply my understanding of American culture, viewed through my Chinese value and belief systems. I know that having grown up in China, I held strongly to values and beliefs that, though they may be modified, cannot be replaced altogether by American culture. And this unique characteristic of mine will allow me to approach Marketing in an entirely unique way, and this is by fusing both American and Chinese cultures in creating and developing plans and strategies for businesses to use and apply. I have engaged in activities that will hone my skills in verbally and non-verbally communicating messages to people. I know that this is a crucial part in marketing, and I consider my learning of the English language for six years as the most challenging yet fulfilling period of my life. To make myself competent and to prepare myself for the challen