I attending the university.Some of the skills that

I would like to take the time to explain to you my personal goals that I have laid out for myself to achieve the next few years as a student at the University of Phoenix in San Diego, Ca.I am seeking a more stable, but yet structured job, in the Information Technology Field.I am also striving to make more money for future purposes/goals in my life.Overall, I would like to develop and shape my current learning style, maybe even change my style for the better.To sum it up, I want to obtain a BSIT (Bachelors of Science in Information Technology) degree.
There are a few learning skills that I am in route to develop while attending the university.Some of the skills that I desperately need to improve upon are my reading and writing skills. For example, being able to produce reports or documents in a working environment.I want to be able to pick up any kind of literature, and make sense out of it, some might call this,’reading between the lines’.Other skills that I would like to sharpen would be the ability to deal with stress.This would lead into becoming a better decision maker and learning how to prioritize crises or problems that occur in the workplace and everyday life.Organizing my thoughts and going about things one day at a time would also alleviate stress.
I expect to learn a lot from my teachers and peers at this campus, develop contacts in the Information Technology field, and establish or learn better working habits that I can take to the career of my choice. I want to learn how to communicate the best I can in any working environment, and also, learn the best techniques enabling me to deal with any employee, from being a manager to being managed.
From all of the learning and changing that will be taking place in my life; I should become a better-rounded person.Basically, I see myself living the’American Dream’ residing in a large house in Southern California.


Constant training is highly necessary to keep skill levels current with the flow of technology changes in telecommunications.As my skills become enhanced advancement opportunities have come that I have taken advantage of.However, other golden opportunities are restricted due to the lack of a degree.No matter how many years of experience and training you have a college degree gives the added edge needed to meet requirements for placement, retaining, and advancing in a chosen career.
My career in telecommunications began when I obtained an entry-level position as a telephone apprentice. I gained most of my experience in the central office network control center.Working with wireless communications, optical networking, and network integration I kept current with the constant flow of changes by successfully completing specialized classes offered by employers and the constant practice of self-study.Eventually this lead to an engineer level 2 position.However, intervention of office politics by upper level management caused a reduction level in my engineering position, citing a lack of the minimum requirements of an engineering degree.I reluctantly accepted the reduced level due to my project responsibilities.After the frustration of upper level office politics restricting the completion of major projects I moved on to higher engineering position with another company in Texas so as to continue my knowledge and further advancement.This position allowed me to experience telecommunication networking with voice over the internet switching technology using internet protocol. Eventually the telecommunication industry began quickly showing signs of instability.Competition for employment grew vicious as dotcoms died and the rumors and realities of layoffs or hiring freezes by major telephone companies hit the news.Added to the recognition that I would need further education to advance my career, came the reality.

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