Cardiovascular direct correlation has been in existence between

Cardiovascular is a term that is used in reference to the circulatory system in general. This includes the vessels carrying the blood around the body, the heart and of course the lungs. Effects to the human body include heart related diseases like heart attack, ischemic stroke and many others.

Over the years, a direct correlation has been in existence between the rate of inactivity of a person and the probability of getting a disease of the coronary artery. Many of these diseases can be prevented through what is commonly known as cardiovascular exercises. These exercises help to burn calories and additionally help one reduce weight.

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A proper diet and exercise program can help strengthen the immune system and provide protection from chronic and infectious diseases. This is because a proper diet will definitely enable one to be free from deficiency diseases like anemia and others. A proper exercise on the other hand will help one be free from such chronic diseases as heart disease and being overweight.

This is because through exercise, one remains fit and the extra calories are lost. As a result, ones immune system is effectively raised. In other words, the balance diet will give you all the nutrients you need while proper exercise keeps you physically fit.

DescriptionUnit of measurementStrategic goalobjectivestrategyOutcome measurementtime line
Body Weight160 LBS156LBSLose 4 LBSWeekly three day exercise routine154.5 LBS1-3 months
Height5 ft 11 in5 ft 11 in5 ft 11 inWeekly three day exercise routine5 ft 11 in1-3 months
BMR1787.71762.7Attain 1762.7Weekly three day exercise routine1753.41-3 months
Blood Pressure150120Optimum BP-120Weekly three day exercise routine1101-3 months
Resting Heart Rate756262Weekly three day exercise routine601-3 months
Heart Rate after 5 Minutes of Exercise143112112Weekly three day exercise routine1281-3 months
Heart Rate after 3 Minutes of Exercise136120120Weekly three day exercise routine1281-3 months
Rank the following 1 to 5 with 5 being “excellent” and 1 being “poor” in the Unit of Measurement Column
Nutritional Status445541-3 months
Flexibility233441-3 months
Coordination344431-3 months
Endurance244441-3 months
Strength344431-3 months
Speed244431-3 months