Personal its lightweight and its bezel-free display.

Personal data and security must go hand in hand to have an effective functioning of your files. Let it be any file, safety should be a paramount. Dell computer is a completely secured platform if you enable it so. It has blown away the minds of many with its lightweight and its bezel-free display. Most users get attached to Dell because of its amazing customer support and one never has to get compromised with its warranty. You must go through its manual to find out more and more brilliantly designed features of it. Also, notify yourself with its updated versions as well as ready solutions at Dell Customer Support.


If unaware, your Dell has an attribute of securing your properties of adjusting the brightness, display and color. You can secure it by adding an extra lock so that it doesn’t create any nuisance when you accidently bump for changing the settings. This can be opened by just hitting on it.

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How to lock?

You can lock it by going to the home screen or the desktop by turning on the monitor at first. Then, you are required to take your mouse and put the cursor on the menu bar and keep a grip on it for not less than fifteen sec. and then check for the representation of the lock image on the screen. If it appears, you are done with locking it.

Sounds easy? Unlocking it also won’t be a hassle with the beneath described steps.

How to Unlock?

1.     To begin the first step, visit the menu icon which is positioned underneath and then look for the OSD (on screen menu) representation by clicking the symbol.

2.     See for the OSD Lock down in the roll of the down arrow which is positioned beside the menu button.

3.     Then, look for the minus icon somewhere in that setting and put it to the option NO. It will disable the lock of menu. Exit the settings by crossing the window.

Are you able to apt as desired? If not, contact our experts at Dell Support Number to get it fixed up rapidly.