People words that are being spoken with the

People have been communicating for over 60000 years and a
person is his entire has spent about 75 of every day engaged in communication ()

Therefore, people need find ways to improve their
communicating ability. And by mastering the listening skill which is one of the
most essential communication skill, people can communicate more effectively.
There are at least two ways to listen namely active and passive. A distinction
can be made between hearing and listening. Hearing is the first step of
listening (Zeuschner and Raymond, 1997, p.38) just simply hear sounds, while “listening
means “paying attention to the words that are
being spoken with the intention of understanding the other person”
(Hellesvig-Gaskell, 2017).

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people want communication effectively, active listening is the most important
part needing improving. There are five steps included active listening. This
process involved (1) getting prepared to listen, (2) staying involved with the
communication, (3) remembering, (4) evaluating, (5) responding. Firstly people
have to have listening preparation get ready both physically and mentally. In
terms of physical preparation, it’s pivotal to be capable of hearing the
sounds. It is necessary for everyone to move closer to the source (Zeuschner
and Raymond F, 1997, p.42). People should avoid away noises that makes you
easily distract. For example, people can shut down smartphone to get rid of
further distractions (Cosmato, 2014). Besides, people need find out a topic before
the event to have background information. This helps people enhance knowledge
about the topic bringing is an effective communication. The second step in
active listening is to stay involved. It is very difficult to pay attention to
the speaker because distractions consisting of “external” and “internal” are
around us (Miles, 2017). To avoid these distractions, people should as keep eye
contact with the speaker as a way to build the connection with the speaker and
to encourage the speaker to show his or her view willingly which plays an
important part in communication (Evensis, 2016). Moreover, people can stay
involve by imagine pictures of everything relating what the speaker is talking
but still listening the speaker (Forbes, 2012). The next step in active
listening is remembering. Nothing is the best way to improve your memory. All
techniques which are useful for remembering information require “motivation” and
“dedication” to the task (Hybels and Weaver II, 2007, p.83). When people are
motivated, they will concentrate better, easily remember information. Just like
that, to memorize a wide range of figure, it is necessary that he or she pay
absolute attention to the conversation and the speaker. Without doubt, if
people focus on conversation, they will obtain numerous information. It is the
time for them to review key words and remember them (Zeuschner and Raymond F,
1997, p.44)