Passion study Bachelor’s degree with specialization in businessstudies

Passion for Accounting and Finance led me to study Bachelor’s degree with specialization in businessstudies and accounting from Bundelkhand University, India. To nurture further I spent time inacquiring skills in SAP Financial and Controlling (FICO). During the span of my graduation I wasintroduced to various challenging and interesting concepts mainly Financial Management,Economics, Accounting and Business Statistics.Post bachelors studies I worked for Accenture Services as SAP FICO Consultant. During my tenure Isuccessfully managed Siemens Industries and Infrastructure SAP financial environment which gaveme an opportunity to hone my techno functional, leadership, communication and organizationalskills. Currently I’m working with DXC Technology (Hewlett Packard Enterprise), As specialist I’mkeep sharing and guiding my junior subordinates also contributing to other projects as and whenrequired; it further nurture my skills in the field of SAP finance.The specific assignments in these projects have given me a good understanding of the financialaccounting, management accounting and business processes in these industries. I have developedseveral kinds of configurations for the clients including development of organizational structure,chart of accounts, account groups, asset classes, cost center hierarchy, profit center hierarchy,profitability segments and configurations for costing. With the help of these configurations andcustom programs I have generated various reports: financial statements (Balance Sheet, Profit andLoss Report, Cash Flow Statement) Asset Valuation Reports, Cost of Goods Manufactured, Cost ofGoods Sold, market segment wise profitability report, region wise profitability report, budgeting andplanning . Also I have taken part in the analysis of these reports by calculating the various ratios suchas Earnings per Share (EPS), Price-to- Earnings Ratio (P/E), Price/Earnings to Growth Ratio (PEG), NetProfit Margin, Return on Assets (ROA) and Return on Equity (ROE).With my Financial background and many years work experience I’m ready for the next step in mycareer. In short term I’d like to pursue the senior roles in finance department, who analyzes thecorporation’s requirement, and then formulates strategies to maximize the returns. In the long termI shall like to take up the role of Head of the Finance, who manages teams and takes criticaldecisions. My current job profile is restricted to SAP FICO specialist doesn’t provide the opportunityto specialize in the quantitative and computational part of financial analysis, which is mandatory tohandle such a role. Hence a specialized program in Finance is necessary.University of Oulu’s program is best suited for my needs because it emphasizes both thefundamental concepts and implementation techniques for formulating and testing financial models.With world class faculty, courses focused on areas such as Empirical research in Finance, CorporateFinance, Portfolio Management, Financial Risk Management etc. University’s Master in Financeprogram is ideal for specialization in Finance. I am sure that in your school I shall get acomprehensive training that shall help me meet my professional goals.