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Over my senior school years, I learnt about how economics explains the decisions and choices that are made by countries and their governments. Combined with knowledge gained from reading articles outside of the classroom, this helped me understand how fundamental economic concepts are applied to all aspects of life. I therefore have the academic aptitude and knowledge required to be successful, thus making me a great fit for the Mathematical Economics course in the School of Arts and Sciences. Penn has a variety of academic, professional and social student organisations which will give me an opportunity to pursue my passions and interests. For example, there is a lot I can learn about my courses and the activities I am interested in from joining the Undergraduate Economics Society or Alpha Kappa Psi. I believe I will flourish in the Debate Society and in UPMUNC as my experience from attending ten international MUN conferences has taught me how to interact with other people and adapt to different situations – for example, defending the diverse views of the numerous countries I represented. This has made me more versatile and has helped me analyse issues from different perspectives. Representing various nations – each having different social, economic and religious views – has tested my ability to come up with plausible solutions to solve the issues at hand. This has helped me to be able to quickly interpret situations, think on my feet, create a persuasive argument, and come up with an appropriate course of action. Together with my knowledge of economics and with the help of the world-renowned faculty in the School of Arts and Sciences, I look forward to applying these skills to real-world situations in search of solutions to the issues we face today. MUN has also taught me to manage people, to communicate efficiently, and to work to deadlines. It taught me how to work with superiors and how to make sure that their ideas are properly expressed – but at the same time giving people freedom to express their own ideas while making sure everything is running smoothly. One of my major accomplishments from school was being the Deputy President of the International Court of Justice at The Hague International Model United Nations conference in Singapore. This experience was the pinnacle of all the MUN conferences I have participated in. It allowed me to show the leadership skills I have developed, as well as my ability to work as a part of a team. From the skills I gained at previous conferences, I was able to help the advocates and judges with research and preparations for the cases. I believe that these skills will be able to help me in my academics as well as my extracurricular pursuits and will make me a useful member of any team or organization that I am a part of. Additionally, during my senior school years, I played the violin, the tabla and thoroughly enjoyed playing in the school orchestra. I look forward to further pursue my passion of music by participating in the Music Performance Ensembles hosted by the Department of Music in the School of Arts and Sciences.The College of Arts and Science offers a flexible curriculum – with many extra courses along with my major affiliated courses – which I believe will be very helpful in getting a well balanced education and will therefore gear me to excel in the future.My wide range of interests, skills and experiences show that I can be a part of academic, social and professional organisations. I want to share my experiences and I also want to learn from others to benefit society and help it grow. I will try to be an invaluable member of the community at the University of Pennsylvania.