Our lightning hit, these bolts will first hit

Our planes’ outer shell is primarily made up of aluminum which is a good
conductor of electricity. When they are above the sky, planes do usually attract
lightning. But having lightning hit a plane is no big deal. In fact they are built to
handle such strong power and go on their way. According to Smithsonian
Channel, manufacturers have interwoven a thin metallic net into the skin of the
plane. This system acts as a conductive shield in much the same way as the
aluminum allowing the electrical energy to flow through it.
In connection to this, Smithsonian’s Air & Space magazine also mentioned
that bolt will usually make contact with a part of the plane that extend, like the
wingtip or the nose, which has a higher density of electrical fields than other parts
of the aircraft because of their pointed shapes. And during lightning hit, these
bolts will first hit these areas. Then, they travel through the interweave mesh on
the skin of the plane leaving the inside of the plane untouched before exiting
harmlessly and continue its natural journey to Earth. These metallic net used by the manufacturers of plane serves as a lightning rod that provides protection all
on board from a destructive electrical current – making our planes safe for travel
during bad weather.If a car happens to be struck by lightning, its passengers will probably be
safe. If one thinks that it was the rubber tires that keep us safe, well it’s not. But it
was the car’s metal frame. Although we know that metal is a good conductor of
electricity, we still become protected because of the particular way that electricity
moves through the metal. We become safe because of the idea of the Faraday
According to Torchinsky, a Faraday cage is a conductive enclosure that
causes electromagnetic force to travel along the outside of the structure and
leave what’s inside mostly alone. The same is true of our car, when the car is hit
by lightning, the current from lighting will only travel along the outer surface of the
car and then go to the ground, never reaching the interior. This process of
shielding makes our car a safer place to be in a thunder storm.