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One question you may have, is what does it mean to identify as an Orthodox Jew? When you identify as an Orthodox Jew this means you are part of the branch of Judaism that is the most strict and has the most rules to follow in the Jewish religion. There isn’t one single part there are many parts of this branch of religion. There are many simple beliefs. Each group has their own beliefs/ practices. The other groups within the orthodox branch have different feelings when it comes to the modern culture of Israel. Today, Orthodox Judaism includes a vast amount of religious outlook and practice.In the modern day, Kashrut (a fancy way of saying kosher) is a fixed set of dietary rules. If you follow this dietary restriction it is called being kosher. You might have heard of kosher salt, these rules state how foods have to be prepared or how to cook them. Kosher is considered to be a style of cooking not a kind of cooking. If someone is cooking kosher, the food has to be prepared a certain way. This means you can cook any kind of food kosher or non-kosher. You just need to follow the guidelines of the Jewish law. Now, this doesn’t mean that there are only kosher foods in the Jewish religion. The Jews still have foods that are unique to their religion like knishes (this consists of a dumpling this dough is stuffed with filling that is baked or fried), bagels (a bread like a ring made by baking it), there are many other foods like blintzes and matzah ball soup. Maintaining kosher is not that hard what makes it hard is only one religion follows this law. They are certain grocers who carry kosher certified products. Orthodox Judaism, the religion of Jews who are considered to be very strict and follow traditional beliefs and practices. Jewish Orthodox people refuse to accept the position of Reform Judaism that the Bible and other sacred Jewish writings contain. In Orthodox Judaism,  both the Written Law (Torah, the first five books of the Old Testament) and the Oral Law (codified in the Mishna and interpreted in the Talmud) are fixed and remain the sole norm of religious observance. Men that are Orthodox Jews usually wear black hats and women clothing is extremely modest. Men and women have low levels of interaction with individuals that are non-Jewish. Women wear head coverings after marriage. They may cover their heads using hats, scarves, and wigs.  Women also cover their heads when entering or praying in a synagogue,At this day and age the branch of orthodox judaism is not modern at all and they have more rules than any other branch. In fact this branch is the most traditional and sacred branch of all of them. Approximately one-third of Orthodox Jews in the United States identify as Modern Orthodox, sometimes known as centrist Orthodoxy, which attempts to harmonize traditional observance of Jewish law with modern life and endorses secular academic studies. Open Orthodoxy, a small offshoot of Modern Orthodoxy, emerged in the 1990s in response to what was perceived as a growing stringency among Modern Orthodox Jews and a blurring of the lines separating it from ultra-Orthodoxy. Liberal Orthodox Jews have in recent years begun to push for expanded leadership roles for women, including the ordination of women as clergy. While Modern Orthodox institutions have supported enhanced religious training and leadership roles for women, the trend toward female Orthodox clergy remains marginal and has not been embraced by the mainstream institutions of American Orthodoxy.To be considered a Jew most Orthodox and or a non-Orthodox Jew they believe that you have to follow Jewish law and commit to the Orthodox lifestyle. This entails eating only kosher foods, regularly praying and reading religious scriptures and following a myriad of rules that many aspects of everyday life. Religious texts provide detailed rules on marriage, sex, birth, child rearing, business and death as well as what to do on religious holidays and how to practice their religion.At this day and age the branch of orthodox judaism is not modern at all and they have more rules than any other branch. In fact this branch is the most traditional and sacred branch of all of them.